By Ernest O'Neill

God Has Great Things For You to Do

Rev. Ernest O'Neill

God has great things for every one of us in this room to do. They  may not be great in the world's eyes, but in His eyes they are great things, all kinds of different things. But, "so many of us are pinned down in a land war in Southeast Asia". That's how a famous international political phrase went. We knew it wasn't the thing to do, but we got pinned down.

So many of us are pinned down in our own land wars, fighting our own little battles. But, God has a vast universe that He wants us to begin to develop and do His will over. So, old things have passed away here and all things have become new and you're new. Now you're going to live like you're new or you're going to live in your old life. You have to choose. You have that right and that responsibility.