Is God The Goal of Your Life?

A Misty Sunrise - By Dame Laura Knight

"For now we see in a mirror dimly....."
1 Corinthians 13:12a

A new day is beginning and everything is in a misty, shadowy form. In the far distance are the mountains. In front of the mountains could be a village but it's hard to tell for sure. In the middle and spreading to the left, looks almost like a farm and barnyard, but again it's hard to tell.

What appear to be birds cross the morning sky. The only part of the picture truly in focus are the pine needle branches in the foreground where we are standing. These scraggly, prickly looking branches form the day that will soon be upon us and allow the slight yellow-orange sunlight to meet our eyes.

As God's children, this is our perspective for every stage in our life. What we see most clearly are the clusters of scraggly branches that are close to us. These are the circumstances right now. They are the things and the people and the events of today. Like this tangle of branches, nothing looks like it fits together. Everything looks misty and vague.

But as God's light and truth is allowed to penetrate our framework, we will begin to see things more clearly. As we walk forward into the day we'll be heading through the valley and finally to the mountains. We start by seeing the things of today and they will take us into the tomorrows.

Sometimes in scripture a mountain represents the obstacles or problems in life. But here the mountain top is our goal. It sits in the distance always a little within view and beckoning us on.

Is God the goal in your life? Are you walking towards Him or away from Him? Don't let the scraggly branches at your face today obscure your view of tomorrow.

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