By Ernest O'Neill

Can Giving Money Do More Harm Than Good?

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

In other words, money is not always the answer and giving the financial help on your own judgment is not God’s way of ministry. God doesn’t want us would-be philanthropists to be God. He doesn’t want us saying “That guy could do with a bit of humility, I’ll just keep my money, let him crawl.”  Or “That guy should have a vacation, he needs a vacation.”  Loved ones, we’d better be careful before we play God in each others lives. Nevertheless, it is true that we are true workers of God’s and we had better get some idea of what the Father is trying to do in this person’s life. We better be in touch with God and listen carefully to his Spirit.  God will not always explain to us why he tells us to do what he tells us. He may not always explain to us why he wants us to give the money or not to give it.  But he will guide us loved ones, he will guide us to make the giving of the money dovetail exactly in with what he is trying to do in that person’s life. And I don’t know about you, but I testify now, after a good many years in his care, that often God’s greatest blessings to me were the withholding of blessings.