By Ernest O'Neill

God Has Freed Us to Live By the Power of Jesus' Resurrection

Rev. Ernest O'Neill

That’s the miracle that is set forth in our space-time world at Calvary.  God destroyed that perverted personality -- so that now, because of that action, there is in you (believe it or not) the power to destroy that perversion.  God has built that power into you.  There is a power of Jesus’ crucifixion in you that is able to destroy the perversion of the bad temper or the drug addiction or the alcohol addiction -- and that power is in you.  And God destroyed that perverted personality so that you are now at last free to live by the power of Jesus’ resurrection life, the way you were meant to.  There is in you a resurrection life that will live naturally and normally -- the way we were created to live in dependence on a dear loving father.

That is the reality.  There are two steps to enter into it.  First of all, are you willing to submit yourself to that kind of life?  That’s very simple.  It just means, are you willing to live from the inside out instead of from the outside in?

But the question this morning is, are you willing to stop living that way?  Are you willing to allow that to be made real in your life?  Are you willing to live as Jesus lived, and to die to the things that he died to?  That’s what it is to believe in your heart.