By Colleen Donahue


Men and women who think only in terms of this world conclude that if they give so much they ought to get so much back. If we spend our energy on something, we should expect to get something in return. In this study, Peter asks Jesus a question and it is one you may have asked yourself.


What Will We Get Out of Following Christ?

Studies continued from Matthew 19:27-30

Also Mark 10:28-30

Day 1- In these verses Peter is asking Jesus a mistaken question. It is one that many men have asked.
Matthew 19:27

This question could be rephrased like this....
"What will we get out of following you?" or "If others get eternal life, what more will we get who have left everything to follow you?"

Jesus doesn't rebuke Peter for asking his question out loud that others were thinking quietly. Instead, he uses it to teach three important laws of the Christian life.

Day 2- LAW #1 - He who shares with Christ in His campaign to save all men will also share in His victory. He who bears the cross here will wear the crown in the world to come. Unlike many military soldiers, a Christian soldier will not be forgotten or left unrewarded. While the suffering and trials endured on earth are very real, what hope does every Christian (or soldier of Jesus Christ) have?
Romans 8:18 / 2 Corinthians 4:17

Day 3- What will God say to every one of his faithful servants?
Matthew 25: 23 / Luke 19:17

Day 4- If we have faithfully served Jesus and overcome the battles of this world what is promised to us?
Luke 23:43 / John 12: 26 / John 14: 3 / James 1:12 / 1 Peter 5:4 / Revelations 3:21

Day 5- Peter was a high profile disciple traveling daily with Jesus. He was visible in his role. But Jesus had many other disciples that didn't or couldn't travel physically with Him. They followed Him just as much as Peter but they were assigned to be God's ambassador to their ordinary village in relative obscurity. You and I may fit into this category. Will our efforts count?
Ephesians 6:8

Day 6- LAW #2- A Christian will receive far more than what he has given up. It may not be in material possessions. It will certainly include new fellowship, both human and divine.
Matthew 19:29

Day 7- How did St. Paul regard his new relationship with Jesus Christ?
Philippians 3:8

Day 8- At the same time that we enter into a new relationship with Jesus Christ we also become related to every other true believer as part of His body called the Church.
John 1:12 / Ephesians 5:30

Day 9- These new relationships become our new spiritual family. True believers are united in mind and heart and they care for each other.
Acts 4: 32- 35

Day 10- LAW #3- In the final judgment there will be some surprises! What reversals will we see happen?
Psalm 147:6 / Matthew 19:30 / Mark 10:31 / Luke 1:52 / Luke 6:25-26

Day 11- These events will probably surprise us, but why? Because as men we can only see the outside of things. For example, we may see a man always giving his money away but what we can't see is that he is giving so he can get something in return for himself. On the surface his intent looks like love and generosity but his real motivation is selfishness. As men, what must we always remember?
Psalm 75:7

Day 12- The injustices and disparities in this world now will be reversed in eternity.
Luke 16:19-26

Day 13- So what will we get out of giving up everything to follow Christ?
John 12: 24-26 (Look for four rewards)

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