Feature Articles - Table of Contents

A New Confidence in Business 
After a sales rep gets a GPS for the first time to use on the road, she discovers a much deeper spiritual truth as a result.

A New Start
So often this is what we all want to do -- be able to start over. God has made that entirely possible for us. This talk will explain how we do that.

Building Relationships
What causes relationships to go sour and even be destroyed?  This article looks at the causes and then what WE can do to stop it.

Can We Change?
There seems to be a tragic flaw in mankind that we all instinctively know about. What happened to make us like we are today? Is it possible to change? This article walks us through what God originally planned for us and how we can be restored to be what he should be.

Can We Know For Sure We Will Go to Heaven When We Die?
This article is part of a letter sent to a mother who wasn't sure whether we could know whether we were going to Heaven after this life was over or not.

Deliverance From An Evil Heart
This talk looks at what it means to have an evil heart, what sin is, and how we can be made clean. Do we have to just try harder or is there another way?

Depression of a Saleswoman
This is a true experience about facing depression on a regular basis and how it became possible to live above the depression.

Does God Hate Sinners?
What does God have against us? The answer is plenty,  as we look at our lives and see one sin after another. Despite all that we are and deserve, God offers us his grace. This talk will show us what this grace looks like.

Do You Speak Easter?
People can tell what we really believe by how we speak. This article challenges us to examine our words and how they line up with what God says is true.

Do You Want Your Life to Count?
Most of us would say that we DO want our life to count. But what have we done on earth that will count the moment after we die? This talk challenges us to reexamine what we are doing today.

Emmanuel - God With Us
This is a personal story of how God revealed himself as "Emmanuel" or "God with us".  In truth, it's the same for every one of us.

Free To Live
If we are honest we feel imprisoned by our own life. We want to be free to "really live" and enjoy life and yet we are bound by our thoughts, attitudes, and actions. This article looks at our problem and then how to step into freedom.

Free Will or Force? 
God values our free will and anything forced ceases to be Christian. Are we becoming "sons of hell" without realizing it?

God As My Provider
Does God still meet the needs of his children in physical, practical ways? This is a personal story that answers that question. 

How Can You Claim There is Only One Way to God?
Jesus was the first to state clearly that he is the only way to God the Father. Ever since then men have been "up in arms" about there being only one way. But as you'll see, we men often claim there is only one way in our issues of concern.

How Do You Know You Are Hearing the Voice of the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit speaks to each of us in our life, but how do we know that what we're hearing is from Him or just our own thoughts?

How To Be Born Again
This talk takes us through why every one of us needs to be born again and how this can happen in our life.

Is Jesus God's Son?
Much of the world knows Jesus as a great moral teacher but that isn't how Jesus talked about himself. He claimed to be the Son of God which is far beyond just being a good teacher. This talk looks at the main claim of Christ's life.

Is There A God?
A talk on one of man's most basic questions and sure to stimulate your thinking. 

Let Me Out of Here!
Jesus was all about freeing us to be all that we can be. But so often we put people into boxes with a big label sealing them in.  Love is about keeping no record of wrongs so that we can let people out of boxes that we may have put them in. 

Our Perfect Navigator
This  talk looks at what it means to "walk by faith and not by sight." Can we have faith that God has actually been through beforehand what we are facing now?

Persisting in Prayer
Man's extremity is said to be God's opportunity. This talk looks at what we are to do when God's answer isn't forthcoming and we are in the waiting mode.

Rejoice and Have No Anxieties
Rejoice and Have No AnxietiesAlthough this world seems continually filled with oppression and evil, we as God's children are not to live under it. In fact, we are to live rejoicing at all times and also without the anxieties that the world lives under. You'll be challenged to think in a whole new way!

Rejoice in Your Hope
Did you know that rejoicing is not an option but a command in the Bible? Find out as you listen to this talk about why the hope we have is far beyond whatever human hope we feel we can count on.

Strengthening Your Spirit With God's Word
We work-out to strengthen our bodies. We study to exercise our minds. But how do we strengthen the most important part of us -- our spirit?

Suspect Everything
Suspect everything was the advice of a dear old saint named Jessie Penn Lewis who was a writer and speaker in the early 1900’s. She said that so much of life – when things happen or don’t happen – are automatically accepted by us. We think they are just natural causes and we never suspect that there might be a more sinister person behind it all.

Testimony of Ernest O'Neill
Pastor O'Neill, who has shared many of these feature articles with us takes us through his life story. You'll be encouraged when you find that he has walked through some of the same temptations that we've all been through.

The Most Important Partnership We Can Have
We live in a society that values independence, but God values partnership.  Find out how you can live your life with the important partner that God offers to us.

The Power of God That Overcomes the World
How do we deal with powers that seem out to destroy us? God has not left us defenseless.

The Rat Race is Not God's Intention
We are all in the race to have a life of significance, security, and happiness. It drives us on a daily basis. But is this how we were meant to live?

The Reality of Christmas
Everything in this world is summed up in this one person - Jesus. It's in knowing Him that we find out our own purpose for being here.

Two Life Forces at Work
All life is a pull between the force of life and the force of death. It's up to us to choose which force we will allow to rule over us.

What Causes Anxiety?
Anxiety is something we all feel. But what causes it and how are we supposed to deal with it when it comes?

What Is The Normal Christian Life?
Is the normal Christian life just a cycle of sinning, confessing, and forgiveness? This talk will dispel that myth and guide you into seeing the true gospel and what it will mean for your life.

What To Do With Frustrations and Anxieties
This is a personal testimony of the way Jesus showed one sister how to overcome her frustrations and anxieties. It's simple to remember and will be helpful for you as well.

Why Are We Here?
Do you sometimes feel like you're on a bus going nowhere? That's the question this talk addresses. Why in the world are we here on this earth?

Why Do We Need to Start Our Lives Over?
 Something has gone terribly wrong with us and we all instinctively know it. 

Why Shouldn't We Worry?
Worry seems like it's just part of life and something that we all do. And isn't it a good thing to worry about your kids? Find out for yourself why you shouldn't worry.

Work Out Your Potential
Every one of us is created with potential, or the ability to be much more than we are at this moment. All that we are meant to be is packaged inside of us waiting for demands to be made to bring it out!