By Colleen Donahue

The past two studies in Ezekiel has shown us the character of God the Father, and the Holy Spirit. While the Jews knew of God the Father, they knew nothing of the Holy Spirit, and they had only a hope of a Messiah to come.

In the life of Ezekiel we find many parallels to the life of Christ. Already, hundreds of years before God would send His Son to earth, He was preparing the way for Him by giving clues to the people of who they should be looking for.

Now, in our century, Christ has come and gone physically, while many people still do not know Him. May this study help us to find for ourselves Jesus, as the Son of Man revealed.

Ezekiel-Part 3:
JESUS -- The Son of Man Revealed

Note: Before we look at Christ's Character, we will be studying passages from the book of Ezekiel in varying order as well as passages throughout the Bible as a whole.


Day 1- Over 90 times in the Book of Ezekiel, Ezekiel is referred to by God as "son of man". Here are a few references to this just in the first few chapters.
Ezekiel 2:1,3,6,8 / 3:1,3,4,10,17,25

Day 2- This term, used of Ezekiel is always without the definite article. But , in the New Testament when this phrase is used of Christ, it is always with the definite article -- i.e. The Son of Man. Without the "The" the phrase denotes a human being--- a natural descendant of Adam. But with it means "the second man" , "the last Adam" taking the place of the first Adam in dominion over the earth. Here are a few examples of Christ as "The Son of Man."
Matthew 8:20 / 9:6 / 12:8 / 13:37


Day 3- After the fall of man at the time of Adam and Eve, the only way sinful man or woman could come before God was through the anointed priest.
Hebrews 5: 1-4

Day 4- Although the priest was only a man himself, sin offerings made him acceptable by God to be a liaison with the people and make atonement for them -- a long, messy affair.
Leviticus 9: 7-22

Day 5- Ezekiel was one such priest called by God to be His spokesman or "watchman" for the people.
Ezekiel 2: 3-4

It was heavy responsibility to befall one man.
Ezekiel 33:1-11

Day 6- The weakness of the priesthood system in uniting the people with God was great and perpetual. Why?
Ezekiel 34: 1-10

The priests themselves were great and perpetual sinners and - the priests eventually died.
Hebrews 7:23

Day 7- Therefore , God determined from eternity a plan that would put an end to the priesthood system. He would commission His own Son-- Jesus Christ. As the perfect Son of God, He would take on the nature of man and become the perfect Son of Man. Thus, He would become for all of us the last High Priest and the source of salvation for all.
Hebrews 2:17-18/ 4:14-15 / 5: 5-10 / 6:20 / 7:24, 27-28

Day 8- But, how does all this effect you and I?
Hebrews 4: 16 / 7:25

In other words, Jesus Christ gives each of us unlimited access to the God of the Universe. We no longer need to find a priest to offer sacrifice first before we can talk to God.


Day 9- As priest, Ezekiel prayed for the people -- putting himself before God on their behalf.
Ezekiel 9:8 / 11:13

Day 10- As our final high priest, Jesus Christ prayed to His Father on behalf of all men and still prays.
John 17:9 / Romans 8:34 / Hebrews 7:25


Day 11- Very early after Ezekiel's call by God, he had to decide to "eat what God would give him". How horrified he must have been to read the hard words he was supposed to deliver! Yet, when we obey God, His will becomes sweet to us.
Ezekiel 2: 8--3:3

Day 12- Christ too, set an example for us and obeyed all that His Father gave Him to do.
John 14:31 / John 15:10 / Romans 5:19

Day 13- It is our obedience that secures the blessing of divine fellowship for every one of us. WHO will make their home with us?
John 14: 23

Day 14- At issue for Ezekiel was that he could only speak what God gave Him to speak. How he must have been tempted to soften things up a bit!
Ezekiel 2: 4,7 / 3:17, 27 / 11: 5 / 12:28

Day 15- If anyone should have special privilege and leniency to be independent it should be God's own Son. But, He set the example for us that we are to be dependent upon our Father in Heaven for all that we say and do.
John 12: 49-50 / John 14:10

These verses should give us pause. For how many of us wait long enough before God to know what we should say or do?

Day 16- By speaking only God's word Ezekiel helped the people look to God--not himself. That too was Christ's intention that all men would know His Father in Heaven.
John 17: 1-8, 25-26


Day 17- Shortly after Ezekiel's call by God to be His spokesman, God asked him to bear the punishment for the House of Israel AND the House of Judah.
Ezekiel 4:1-8

Day 18- This was a picture of Christ that would become a substitute for every man and women.
Isaiah 53:5 / Hebrews 2:9

Day 19- Why did we need a substitute?
Romans 5:6 / Hebrews 9:28 / I Peter 2:24 / 3:18 / I John 3:5

Day 20- Christ is our only hope of being rescued from the present evil age and united with our Father in Heaven.
Galatians 1:4/ 2 Timothy 4:18 / Titus 2:14

We will spend the rest of this study looking at...


Day 21- We get a clear picture of what a shepherd should do by listening to God's rebuke to the shepherds of Israel and seeing what they DIDN'T DO.
Ezekiel 34: 1-4

Day 22- If you are responsible for even one person, then you are a shepherd. When a shepherd doesn't do his job what results?
Ezekiel 34: 5-6

Christ as our Good Shepherd set us a perfect example of what a shepherd should be and what we can expect as His sheep.

Day 23- If we get lost in life, Jesus will be our "search and rescue".
Ezekiel 34:11-12, 16,22

Day 24- When we belong to Jesus's flock, no one can snatch us away against our will.
John 10: 28b-29

Day 25- When we are part of the Lord's flock, we know our Shepherd and He knows us. We are not just an "unknown" left to graze on the earth.
John 10: 3-4, 14, 27

Day 26- Our Shepherd will always feed us--i.e. He meets the needs that we have in this life.
Ezekiel 34: 13-14,23 / Psalm 23:1

Day 27- Not only does Jesus meet our needs but "He makes us lie down" - i.e. He wants His sheep to depend upon Him for everything so that we can truly rest.
Ezekiel 34:15 / Psalm 23:2

Day 28- Part of being able to rest is knowing that we are truly protected and cared for.
Ezekiel 34:16,25,27-28 / Psalm 23:4

Day 29- For our care and protection, Christ has given His life.
John 10:11,15,17-18

Day 30- If all this wasn't enough, our Good Shepherd Jesus, wants our life to be abundant and fruitful.
Ezekiel 34:26,27a, 29 / Psalm 23:5 / John 10:10b

Day 31- Are you part of the Lord's flock? Is Christ your Shepherd? There is no safer place on earth!
Ezekiel 34: 31 / Psalm 23:6


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