Expand Your Heart By Giving

Kitty's Breakfast by Emily Farmer

"...be filled with love that comes from a pure heart." 1 Timothy 1:5

Kitty is under the care of this little mother who shows perfect glee in being able to give him what he loves the most. Her surroundings and dress tell us that there is not a great deal of money here. But, her face tells us that there is a great deal of love which she is willing to share. Kitty seems to have more luxury that his "mother". His basket is nice - brimming with warm straw. He is well cared for and looks eagerly for his next meal.

In her giving, she receives back all that she needs as expressed by her rosy, healthy glow. We may not have a lot of material things in this life, but all of us have love we can give to those that God has put near to us. It's in the giving that we receive and find a satisfaction far greater than anything we could physically own. Do you own a little? Then give it away. Do you own a lot? Then give it away. Expand your heart by giving. Feed those around you and thus you feed yourself. God will multiply your few loaves and fishes so maybe even thousands will be fed.

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