By Ernest O'Neill

Everything is Changing But the Bible Has Stayed the Save

Rev. Ernest O'Neill

A lot of us think that there's nothing that remains the same in this world. That everything is always changing. But there are things that remain the same and have always been the same. I think you felt the same excitement as I did when we got this old Geneva Bible in England. This actual Bible itself was made in 1608 and it just overwhelms us in our modern society to think that here, I am actually touching a book that was produced and made, by another person who believed in Jesus in 1608. That's over 380 years ago.

It just overwhelms you that this Bible was actually in existence when Shakespeare was writing his plays. This Bible was in existence before John Milton read it, hundreds of years before Ben Franklin was born, long before Abraham Lincoln was born, long before America was America.

This Bible was being read by somebody like us. That just spans the centuries so fast, doesn't it? There we are, back almost 400 years with this one book. In those same days the English prayer book was written and this is a copy of that English prayer book.

The fact is, that for 1600 years before this prayer book was written, people like us gathered round the table like this. The amazing fact is that over that whole 1600 year period, there wasn't one night when some group of Christians somewhere did not celebrate the communion of our Lord Jesus Christ or the last supper or the mass. Not one night has passed since the first night this supper was celebrated by Jesus with His disciples, not one night has passed, but somebody somewhere in the world has observed the communion of the Lord Jesus Christ and yet in 1600, people used these same words.