By Ernest O'Neill

It's Easier to Serve One Master Than Many

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

So I would ask you; what is the basis of your daily walk in God? Is it coming to Jesus every morning and saying “Lord I know the only reason I am a child of God is because you included me in yourself in Calvary. I don’t know how, but you included me and you destroyed all the things that needed to be destroyed in me. You brought death to all the things in my attitude that needed to be brought to death in me. Lord would you show me today how you created me in you? Show me part of the new creation that I am in you. Reveal part of it to me today so I can manifest that.” And then you go for it and do what he shows you.

Loved ones it’s a different life. I will tell you it’s a lot easier to serve one master than to serve six or seven hundreds of us. It’s a lot easier to serve one master than to serve a thousand people who have opinions and views on everything under the sun. You and I are called to serve one master; we were saved by one man’s death; we were delivered into heaven by one man’s resurrection and that one man is the one we need to be concerned with.

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