Does God Have Time For You?

First Steps by Vincent Van Gogh

It's spring in this picture. Everything is new, fresh and green. The father has definite work to do in getting the garden ready to feed his family. The ground must be made ready first and then the plants can go in. It's a pleasure to be out in the springtime.

Suddenly, through the gate comes two visitors -- his wife and daughter. His baby can barely stand and needs mom's support. But upon seeing her father she wants to run! Her arms are up and ready to go!

She is anything but steady but it doesn't matter. She sees her father with his arms stretched out towards her. He wants her to come and he'll be ready to catch her when she gets to him.

No faces can be seen but there is a clear note of joy and love as daughter is about to race towards her father. Even mom no doubt gets joy from seeing the love between father and daughter. Yes, there is work to be done but always time to express love. His shovel has been put down and he is on one knee with both arms outstretched. No matter how much pleasure a father gets from his work there is always time for his children.

Does our Heavenly Father have time for you and I? YES! He has much work to do in His world to prepare men and women and draw them to Himself (for we are the fruits of God's garden.) But, He always has time for us. His eyes light up when he sees us wanting to come to Him. We may not be very steady on our feet but He will have His arms outstretched to catch us.When we run into His arms, He will take hold of us, tell us He loves us and hold us tight. We bring Him as much pleasure as He brings us.

Don't wait till you are all grown and steady on your feet before you run to your Heavenly Father. Go to Him now just as you are. He will love you all the more for your wobbliness and help you to walk straight and steady. He longs to spend time with His children!

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them..." Matthew 19:14a

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