By Ernest O'Neill

Do You Know How Important You Are?

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

You're not important to this world. You're really not, really. You're not vital to this world nor am I, we're not. That's why it can go on so successfully after we leave it. You're actually not important to the world nor am I important to the world, you're not, but the Creator who made you has pleasure to get from you doing and being what you are that he can get from none of the rest of us, that's it. That's how important you are.

The Creator of the world can get pleasure from you doing and being what He made you to do and be, pleasure that He can get from none of the rest of us, that's it. And if you aren't that and if you don't do what He sent you here to do, the Maker of the universe, the Significant Other above all significant others, will be pained and hurt in His heart and will feel like a man who has lost His only Son, if you don't be in this life and do in this life what He has sent you here to do and be, that's it.

The in-crowd come and go. You may be known, you may be popular, you may be thought well of or you may not be thought well of. They may think you're a swinger, they may not think you're a swinger, but really it's all by-the-by. The only one that really matters is the Creator who put you here and to whom we will all return at the end of this life. And He can get pleasure from you doing and being what He put you here to do and be, pleasure that He can get from none of the rest of us who live, have lived, or will live, that's how important you are.

So forget all that foolish stuff. Forget about whether you're with the in-crowd or not. That doesn't matter. Forget whether people think you're so wonderful or they think you're not wonderful. Forget whether you're a swinger or not. Forget all that stupid circus stuff. Forget whether you're doing what everybody thinks a person of your age should do; forget that.

Do what your Maker has put you here to do. Do it with all your heart. Don't be haughty. Don't be preoccupied with these high things that everybody's praising. Don't be haughty and lifted up. Give yourself to little things and little people. Do some things faithfully that you alone can do. Whatever you are able to do, do it with all your heart and do it whether anybody sees you, whether nobody sees you, and forget yourself.

Forget yourself. Don't be conceited about yourself. Stop this business of thinking, "What are they thinking of me and how do I appear in other people's eyes", forget that. What does it matter? They'll be dead soon, won't matter. They'll go and they'll come with their praises and their criticism, with brickbats and their bouquets, they'll come and go, but forget that.

Forget how you appear to other people, realize that there is one dear one who is watching you and He knows fine well what He has given you. He knows exactly the abilities that He has given you and He has pleasure to get from you using those with all your heart.