Details Matter

De Geograf by Henri De Braekeleer

The geographer -- he works on a world map and yet does so from the confines of a small room. His work is important. Detail is the core of his work and will be accepted by people everywhere. Therefore it must be correct. Travelers will count on him. If there are inaccuracies he will lead others astray.

We see in this ornate room a simple man bent over his work. He started with the big picture but now he focuses on the finishing details. He bends forward to sketch them exactly. His back is to the window and the curtain is closed. There is little to distract him. The room is simple and his books are closed so he can concentrate.

He may not know all the truth about the world's geography but what he does know will be accurate and able to be built upon. He is leaving a foundation for the next geographer that will add to his work.

Details matter. They are the foundation of world maps, of families, of businesses, and all of life. Are you caring for the details of your work? Are you focused? Have you closed off distractions so you can be accurate in your work for God?

We are living in a distracted age- an age where multitasking is the norm. Doing one thing at a time and doing it well is not valued as it once was. Speed and volume are the goals today. But in the frenzy and speed of today's society are we leaving an accurate map that others will want to follow? What has God called you to do? When you can answer that question then close off the distractions and focus on what He has given you to do. Be accurate. Attend to the details. Build a foundation for others to be guided by and built upon.

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