By Colleen Donahue

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Our study of David brings us to the point where he is now the King of Israel. There was a long war between the House of David and the House of Saul, with David's growing stronger and Saul's weaker. Then, when Abner the military head of Israel transferred his allegience to David, all Israel came to David and asked him to be king. David moved to Jerusalem and established this city as the central ruling place.

King David had everything going for him. He had many wives, and a growing family. God promised him that his House and kingdon would be made sure forever. He conquered more and more of the surrounding lands. The people loved him.

Beware of those times when everything is going your way and life seems secure. These are the times when we feel the most independent and our guard is down. This was such a time for David and brings us to our study this month. .......


The Holy Spirit in inspiring the men that wrote scripture did not gloss over the failures of great men and women. Everything is written openly for our benefit. David by this time was about 50 years old and had ruled for two decades. He was a distinguished warrior, musician,king and man of God.

Yes with such an impressive resume he had weaknesses that led to the blackest time in his life.


Day 1- LUST. II Samuel 5:12-13

Day 2- Although it might seem by the verse II Sam.5:13 that polygamy was acceptable at that time, it was not in God's eyes. In fact, God had warned against it.
Deuteronomy 17:17A

Day 3-Lust can be towards people or things. What is God's clear command to us?
Matthew 5:28-30 / I John 2: 15-17

Day 4- David's second weakness was COMPLACENCY. He was a guy that had it all and thus became self-satisfied. Remember Moses's warnings?
Deuteronomy 8:10-14

Day 5- God wants to give His children good things, but we must never forget where our success comes from. What happened to David eventually happened to all Israel.
Deuteronomy 32:15, 18

Day 6- There is nothing wrong for a Christian to have money, or a nice house or beautiful possessions. These are gifts of God. But, when our heart grabs them for our own and we become consumed with the things of this world, then we are in great danger.
Matthew 16:26

Day 7- What is needful for those having success and plenty here on earth?
I Corinthians 7:29-31/ Colossians 3:2

Day 8- INDULGENCE was David's third weakness. This became the final setting before his fall. He began to let others handle his responsibilities while he sat back in comfort.
II Samuel 11:1


Day 9- We have just learned that David was OUT OF HIS NORMAL ROUTINE. He should have been at war. It will often be true that our greatest battles will come- not when we're working hard but when we've got time on our hands and are off our guards. What warnings did the Apostle Paul later write concerning idleness?
II Thessalonians 3:6-11

Day 10- When we are our of our normal routine we are in position for temptation when we least expect it. For David, it was an innocent afternoon walk on his rooftop that brought him in sight of Bathsheba. Most temptations begin with OUR SIGHT OF SOMETHING.
II Samuel 11:2

Day 11- The fact that David happened upon seeing Bathsheba was not sin. Sin for him BEGAN when he LOOKED TWICE AND CONSIDERED KNOWING MORE.
II Samuel 11:3/ Matthew 5:28

Day 12- It's the second look or consideration that usually brings from us our own CONSCIOUS DECISION to sin. So it was with David that he chose to commit adultery.
James 1:14-15/ II Samuel 11:4

SIN ALWAYS SEPARATES US FROM OUR FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD and thus it follows that a Christian's whole personality can change, leading to cover up actions, excuses, lies etc.

Day 13- Upon finding that Bathsheba was pregnant, David quickly called her husband Uriah back from war to be with his wife and thus to COVER UP SIN.
II Samuel 11:6-8

Day 14- Notice the striking contrast between the upright Uriah and David which spoils his coverup plot.
II Samuel 11:9-11

Day 15- Without repentence SIN LEADS TO MORE SIN. David now plots to get Uriah drunk so he'll go home and sleep with his wife! But again the noble Uriah spoils his plot.
II Samuel 11:12-13

Day 16- "...and sin when it is full-grown brings forth DEATH."
(James 1:15B) II Samuel 11:14-24

Day 17- If the chain of sin is not stopped it leads to a DULL AND FINALLY SEARED CONSCIENCE. In our own minds we cover things up so that they don't look so bad. Notice David's casual remark upon learning of Uriah's death.
II Samuel 11:25

Day 18- When we decide to sin WE OFTEN GET WHAT WE THINK WE WANT without consideration of the consequences. David got what he wanted but......
II Samuel 11:26-27

It is a FACT THAT ALL SIN WILL BRING CONSEQUENCES. Next month we'll look specifically at what it did in David's life. But for a few days let's look at WHAT SIN DOES TO MAN. (Sin is not just referring here to those "big things" that other people do. It includes your sarcastic tongue, impatient response, unclean thoughts or undisciplined eating. The Holy Spirit will be glad to show you the sin in your life if you don't already know!)

Day 19- It deceives us.
Romans 7:11/ Hebrews 3:13/ I John 1:8

Day 20- It corrupts us.
Matthew 23:27-28/ Romans 1:29-31/ Ephesians 4:22

Day 21- It hinders and entangles us.
Hebrews 12:1

Day 22- It creates evils of all kinds between men.
Psalm 140: 1-5/ Proverbs 17:19/ Titus 3:3

Day 23- It's consequences can pass to others and your children.
Exodus 20:15/ Numbers 14:33/ Lamentations 5:7

Day 24- It makes us "waste away".
Isaiah 64:7/ Psalm 32:3-4

Day 25- It causes "Spiritual death".
James 1:15/Ephesians 2:1/ Colossians 2:13/ Revelations 3:1
(Some of us may be very "religious" and yet spiritually dead.)

Day 26- It causes physical death.
I Chronicles 10:13/ Proverbs 11:19/ Proverbs 21:16/ Ezekiel 18:4/ Romans 5:12/ Romans 6:23

Although most of us may be "sorry for our sins", the motive can be very selfish. We're concerned about having to suffer the consequences. When real repentance takes place we become more concerning with.........


Day 27- It is like killing His Son Jesus all over again.
Hebrews 6:4-6/ Hebrews 10:26

Day 28- It is like committing "spiritual adultry". Imagine the pain God feels when He sees that His children have been unfaithful and put other people and things before Him.
Psalm 106:39/ Ezekiel 23:35

Day 29- Sin puts a wall up and makes it impossible for God to listen to man and answer his prayers.
Psalm 66:18/ Isaiah 59:2/ Hosea 5:6

Day 30- It puts Him in a position where God cannot accept a man and needs to punish him.
Deuteronomy 25:16/ Jeremiah 14:10

Day 31- Sin makes our lives so that God can no longer dwell with and within us. Exodus 33:1/ Joshua 7:12/ Psalm 5:4-6/ John 15:6

We'll continue next month and look at how some of these consequences worked out for David.

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