By Colleen Donahue

When a man sins, it is a grievous occasion but when a great man sins it is even more devastating. The sin of a man or woman in any leadership role (whether it be a father, mother, king or queen) has a ripple effect. The consequences of that sin affect many people and possibly for a long time.

King David-- God's own choice for king-- beloved ruler of Israel and Judah--had sinned. Adultery that led to murder were the charges. Does God ever forgive such big sins as these? Can we ever escape the consequences? Can our children ever be free from our sins? We'll look at these questions and more as we consider this month........


Lest we think that our sins and even secret sins affect us alone, let's look at the consequences of David's two SECRET sins of adultery and murder.

Day 1- It seems at this period of David's life that he must have been at some distance from God or his own conscience would have rebuked him immediately. Instead, the Lord needed to send one of his prophets to tell David his sins via a parable! Notice David's anger towards another man's sin but his blindness over his own!
2Samuel 12:1-6

Day 2- The WORST CONSEQUENCE of any sin is the pain that we cause God Himself.
2 Samuel 12:7-9

Day 3- God in his "sentence" upon David lays out two "general" consequences. Notice that these things would all be public spectacles in contrast to the secrecy of David's sin.
2 Samuel 12:10-12


Day 4- #1 -David's son by Bathsheba dies.
2 Samuel 12:15-18

Day 5- #2-Incest and rape within the family.
2 Samuel 13:1-19

Day 6- #3 -Premeditated murder within the family.
2 Samuel 13:20-29

Day 7- #4 -David's son flees.
2 Samuel 13:30-39

Day 8- #5-Arsen within the king's household.
2 Samuel 14:28-33

Day 9- #6 -Disloyalty and insurrection of David's throne by his own son.
2 Samuel 15:1-13

Day 10- #7-David needs to flee his own home.
2 Samuel 15:14

Day 11- #8 -David himself is cursed and attacked.
2 Samuel 16:5-13

Day 12- #9-Immorality in public by David's son.
2 Samuel 16:20-22

Day 13- #10 -Battle of King David's forces against his son Absalom's forces.
2 Samuel 18:1-8

Day 14- #11 -David's son is killed.
2 Samuel 18:9-17

If these consequences seem overwhelming we need only to look at a modern-day example of sin and its consequences. A man and woman commit fornication--a son is born out of wedlock--the mother is left to raise the son alone--she works hard and can't supervise her little son properly--he is persuaded to try drugs--to keep getting drugs he now steals from stores--he begins to sell drugs to have all he needs and to make money--he drops out of school--he commits fornication with a woman--a baby is born out of wedlock...........................................

Can there ever be an end to this cycle of sin and its consequences that plague individuals and whole nations? YES! That is the good news of.............


Day 15- Because God is holy, He cannot accept what is evil into His presence and fellowship. Thus, ALL MEN are under one verdict.
Exodus 32:33/ Romans 5:12/ Romans 6:23A

Day 16- Despite the way men and women down the centuries have ignored and sinned against their Creator just look at how our Father in Heaven still loves us!
Jeremiah 31:3,20/ John 3:16 / I John 3:1

Day 17- Because there was no way to reinstate fellowship with God except by penalty of our death, God devised a new plan.
I John 4:9-10

Day 18- When did this plan take place?
Romans 5:8/ Ephesians 2:4-5/ Colossians 2:13

Day 19- Our ability to have right standing before God has NOTHING to do with anything that we've ever done or will do. We can have a relationship with God today only because Jesus has paid our penalty in full. GOD ONLY LOOKS AT WHAT JESUS HAS DONE!
Isaiah 53:5/ 2 Corinthians 5:21

Day 20- Most people make a BIG MISTAKE to think that they need to work hard to make up to God for their past sins. Then, there are others that feel God must accept them because they are trying so hard to live right. Both are FALSE!
Galatians 2:16/ Ephesians 2:8 / Titus 3:4-5

Day 21- In fact, what does the Bible compare man's good deeds to?
Isaiah 64:6

Do WE do anything to enter into this work of Salvation?

Day 22- Yes. REPENT--which means to change our thinking. This action alone breaks the cycle of sin in our life.
2 Chronicles 7:14 / Isaiah 55:7 / Acts 2:38 / Acts 3:19/

Day 23- Our act of repentance is an attitude of a broken heart before God and NOT what we say. It need not take a long time. Notice that David's words were few and within the same verse, we see God's pardon towards him.
2 Samuel 12:13

Day 24- What will always be God's attitude to those that turn back to Him and desire to be right?
Psalm 86:5/ I John 1:9

Day 25- Another mistake in our thinking is to believe that God does forgive us but He can't or won't forget what we've done. We underestimate His graciousness.
Isaiah 43:25 / Jeremiah 31:34B

Day 26- Not only can God forgive and forget but He can restore us beyond what we were before. Israel and Judah had sinned till God had to reject them. But see how He loved His people when they truly repented!
Jeremiah 33:7-9

Day 27- We may still need to live through some of the consequences of our sins while on earth, but what will be our peace through it?
Psalm 34:17-22

Day 28- Later in David's life he wrote a song of praise to God. He had lived through many dreadful consequences of his sins, yet God had walked with him and made him glad. Read some of his words......
2 Samuel 22:17-20;29-37

Day 29- When David had been confronted with his sins by Nathan the prophet, his heart had broken and he prayed six requests before God.......
Psalm 51:10-12

Day 30- Now, years later David expresses with an overflowing heart how God had answered these requests above and beyond his prayers.
Psalm 103:1-22

Day 31- Have you come to God with your sins - whether small or great- so you can live a full life in fellowship with Him?
Hebrews 2:3A/ Hebrews 10:22

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