By Colleen Donahue


Our last study took us into the castle of King Saul- Israel's first king. Saul, as we saw had hardly begun the job when he was disqualified. The opening to our study of King David is contrasted with the rejection of the self-willed King Saul. Although Saul was allowed to finish the course of his reign, God had already chosen the second king- a man after His own heart.

David- the Son of Jesse, youthful shepherd of Bethlehem, great musician, composer of psalms, might warrior. How was it that such a young shepherd boy was to be declared king? What does God look for in choosing His servants? We'll look at the answers to these questions and many more as we begin our study......

DAVID Part 1--Does God Use Nobodies?


Day 1- With the reign of Samuel, Israel's period of having "judges" came to an end. Normally, his sons would have succeeded him. Why didn't they?
I Samuel 8:3

Day 2- The Israelites were disillusioned and dissatisfied. What did they demand?
I Samuel 8:4-9


Day 3- Israel- a people who had drifted away from God- were demanding and self-willed. Thus the only king God really could give them was one that would look good in their own eyes. What outward appearance did Saul have?
I Samuel 9:2 / I Samuel 10:23-24

Day 4- Although Saul "looked good" to the Israelites, his real character came out all too soon. He passed his life in selfishness, paranoia, egotism, depression and violence.
I Samuel 13:12,13/I Samuel 15:11-13/ I Samuel 18:8-12/ I Samuel 19:1 / I Samuel 28:7/ I Samuel 31:4

Day 5- Although man will choose by the "sight of their eyes" - God's choice is never by outward appearances. In fact, what is always true.
I Corinthians 1:26-29 / Luke 16:15

If what is valued by men is detestable to God, then we must ask --


Day 6- As a rebuke to King Saul, what type of man did Samuel tell him the Lord wanted?
I Samuel 13:14

Day 7- Being a person "after God's own heart" means living in harmony with our Creator. We love Him, want to obey Him, and are concerned with the things He's concerned about. In a nutshell, our heart is totally committed to Him.
2 Chronicles 16:9A

Day 8- God's choice of a servant is always one that is teachable, flexible, and dependent upon Himself. It is the humble man that is exalted.
Micah 6:8/ Luke 22:26/ Romans 12:3/ James 4:10

Day 9- A man of integrity (or with an "upright heart") is one that walks according to God's Word in all simplicity and honesty. Notice that the Bible describes David's rule in this way. This is another criterion that God looks for in His servants.
Psalm 78:70-72


Before God can really use anyone of us He needs to take us through a time of "training". Time is unimportant to God. His concern is only to make us into good tools for His divine purposes.

Day 10- Today we choose to train for God's work by picking a good school. But the normal training school that God uses is usually right where you are - in a solitary, unimportant place. Look up the training schools of some of the men and women that God has used.
Genesis 39:20-21 / Exodus 3:1 / Ruth 2:2-3 / Psalm 78:70-71/ Luke 4:1-2

Day 11- Before God entrusted David with ruling Israel, he proved himself first with a flock of sheep. So with us - God looks for faithfulness in the little things before He gives us more.
Matthew 25:14-30

Day 12- It is most often amidst our solitude, monotony, and obscurity that God puts "steel into our bones" and makes us ready for future work.
I Samuel 17:33-37

Day 13- One thing is certain- God is never in a hurry when it comes to the development of our character.
Philippians 1:6


Day 14- With the rejection of King Saul, the process began for choosing a new king. God had selected HIS man and now wanted to direct Samuel to choose this man before the eyes of the people.
I Samuel 16:1-3

Day 15- To Samuel, all of Jesse's sons looked like "kingly" material. But as each one passed before him and was rejected, one thing was evident....
I Samuel 16:4-10 (especially vs.7)

Day 16- This scene can be an encouragement to each of us because when man forgets, God remembers!
I Samuel 16:11-13

Day 17- Despite David's grand anointing by Samuel and the Holy Spirit, he nevertheless returns to his sheep and nothing more is heard of him until a musician is needed by Saul to calm his tormented spirit. How had David developed in the meantime?
I Samuel 16:17-18

Day 18- David, had all the right and authority to exercise his rights as king. The anointing of the Holy Spirit however kept him humble and willing to stay in a humble place until called to go higher. What will always be the reward of a humble heart?
Psalm 25:9 / Psalm 37: 9,11


Day 19- The whole world fears giants-- the giants that present themselves to us in problems, people, and circumstances too big to handle. This is now the setting of our story - a quaking army before one big man.
I Samuel 17:1-11

Day 20- Read again the description of Goliath. He was huge and so powerful with his armor that he seemed impenetrable. His words were merciless and intimidating. He haunted the Israelites with his challenges not just once but twice a day for 40 days!
I Samuel 17:4-10, 16

Day 21- Now, the "goliaths" in our lives act just like him- they pressure and worry us and relentlessly hound us day and night until we cry out as David did (later in his life)....
Psalm 6:1-7

Day 22- The Israelite army saw only one big man and they were full of fear. But David looked and remembered all that the Lord had done for him in past circumstances. This is what filled him with confidence.
I Samuel 17: 26, 37

Day 23- Do you look and see only your problems? To walk by sight is to walk on thin ice, but to look beyond the difficulties and see God is to stand on the firm rock of faith.
Psalm 18:1-3; 28-33

Day 24- David's own resources were small, but he believed God's to be limitless.
I Samuel 17:41-51 / Psalm 18:16-19;31-36

Day 25- You too may be young or weak or poor or in the minority. But God remains the same for us as He was for David when it comes to solving life's big problems.
Dueteronomy 33: 25-29, 37 / Proverbs 2:8 / Isaiah 41:10/ Isaiah 46:4

Day 26- Therefore, there is only one thing for us to do when faced with a Goliath.
I Peter 5:7

Day 27- King Saul tried to handle David's "smallness" by clothing him in a big suit of armor. We too try to handle our inadequacies through our armor of money, cleverness, influential friends, or big plans. They don't and won't work!
I Samuel 17:38-39 / Psalm 44:6

Day 28- God gives us a set of armor that is tailor-made for each of us and by which we can withstand the problems or evil influences of our life.
Ephesians 6: 10-17

Day 29- David lived by the philosophy that the "battle is the Lord's"!
I Samuel 17:47

Day 30- Do you live this way? God honors those that let Him undertake for them. Psalm 9:9-10 / Psalm 121: 3-8

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