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Article No.- Title

DD1-Teachings About Life's Problems - Part 1
Problems are something that we all have in common because we live in a fallen world. Fortunately, we are not left to cope with them on our own.

DD2-Teachings About Life's Problems - Part 2
This study looks at the situations in life that can overwhelm us often through no fault of our own. We can either let these situations swamp us or we can continue to seek God through them.
A listing of something God promises you for each day of the month.

DD3-God's Promises For Your Life
God's word is full of promises, and as His children -- members of God's family -- we have a right to almost every one of them! They are ours for the taking. This study looks at what some of them are. 

DD4-Portraits of Jesus
A look throughout the Bible of the character, roles and mission of Jesus

DD5-How to Encourage Your Heart in the Lord
A look at Psalms and some of the most comforting words written by a man that had a lot of problems.

DD6-God's Guidance For Your Life
A look at the will of God for your life and how to find it.

DD7-Communicating With God Through Prayer
God's specific and direct insights from His Word on how to talk with Him.

DD8-The Parables of Jesus
Short stories that Jesus used to teach truth.

DD9-Who Are You in Christ?
A look at the truth about ourselves and who we are because of Jesus Christ.

DD10-Salvation - Part 1
Christ's death and Resurrection are common knowledge for many but how does this become personal and life-changing?

DD11-Salvation - Part 2
A look at the "natural", "carnal" and "spiritual" man.

DD12-What is Faith?
A word we have heard others speak of, but what is it and how do we get it?

DD13-Do your words build faith or destroy it?
A look at aligning our speaking with what God says is true.

A look at fears and what we are to do when they come.

DD15-What is God Commanding of YOU?
Over and over we are encouraged in the Bible to obey God's commands. What are they? And which ones are meant for you?

DD16-Obedience is Crucial
Obedience to God is crucial once we have decided to live our life for Him. A look at how we are to obey God and the blessings that come because of it.

DD17-Living Today Not Tomorrow
THIS is the day that God has made and He wants us to live each minute fully!

DD18-The Greatest Stories Ever Told
Some of the greatest Bible stories and what they teach.

DD19-The Holy Spirit - Part 1
A look at who the Holy Spirit is.

DD20-The Holy Spirit - Part 2
A look at the roles of the Holy Spirit and how they relate to us personally. In what way does the Holy Spirit act as God in our lives?

DD21-Sin--Are We Guilty?
Sin - one of the most unpopular topics! A look at why man reacts so strongly. Could it be because he is guilty?

DD22-God As My Provider
A look at how God gets involved with our day to day practical needs.

DD23-Our Relationships with Others-Part 1
Life is one long story of relationships. A look at what God has to say about living and working with others.

DD24-Our Relationships with Others-Part 2
Our commitment to God is expressed most truly by our commitment to the people that He has put us with.

DD25-Hearing God's Voice
Is it possible for us to actually "hear" God speak? What does He sound like and when does He speak?

Why unbelief and discouragement are such serious sins.

DD27-True Believers
If unbelief breaks our association with God, then believing His truths will unite us again. A look at what it means to be "true believers."

DD28-Are We Ready?
Death is inevitable for all of us. Here we look at what is needed on our part to be ready to meet our Creator.

DD29-God's Guidance For the Business World Today
A look at God's suggestions, principles, and advice on how we ought to deal with the day to day world of business.

DD30-"Show us the Father?"
What is God the Father like and does He love me as His child?

DD31-God's Love and Mercy
A look at God and how His love and mercy side by side lift our lives to a whole different level.

DD32-God's Discipline
Can it be that our God, so full of love, can have a side of His character that expresses discipline and anger?

DD33-Is the Bible Still Relevant for Today?
"A look at the world's "best-seller" and how it is still speaking to the situations in our time and place.

DD34-Trusting in God
To trust in God is not the way for some religious zealots. It is to be the life pattern for each one of us as we go about our daily lives.

DD35-Praise the Lord
A look at one of King David's repeated themes in the book of Psalms and his conclusion that all life is meant to praise the Lord.

DD36-Thanksgiving -- Always, Everywhere and For Everything?
A look at why we should be the most thankful people around!

DD37-What  Does It Mean to be Born Again?
Born again -- a phrase made popular over the years--- what does it mean and why is it needed?

DD38-"Is anything too hard for the Lord?"
God is a God of miracles and He is still willing today to undertake for any of His children that will trust Him first and depend on Him alone.

DD39-What Christ teaches is directly opposed to what we have grown up learning!
God said if we would be "great" with Him we must be the servant of all. This is just one of the ways that we have grown up with "opposite" teaching.

DD40-Has our century been unusually evil or has history simply repeated itself?
Is the evil and darkness that we are experiencing in our world today different from that throughout the centuries?

DD41-"Come Unto Me and I Will Give You Rest!"
What causes us to live a life of unrest? This study will help you examine your own life.

DD42- Conditions For Being a Disciple of Jesus
Jesus found Himself with a lot of people following Him and wanting to be a part of the latest phenomena. But to be in close fellowship with Him -- a disciple--required more than most wanted to give.

DD43- How Can We Please God?
Our heavenly Father is delighted when we stop just wanting to "get" from Him and really desire just to "be" with Him.

DD44- Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire
What are the real prayers that reach our Heavenly Father's heart?

DD45- Normally?..but God?!
Things might be happening all around us to the negative but when God wants to bless and cause an increase He will do so at any time.

DD46- Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ-Abandonment
"If life is to be any different for us as Christians we must "press on to know the Lord." This study is taken from Madame Guyon's writings.

DD47- Abraham- Part 1 -- A Work in Process
A look at a very ordinary man that God made into someone very EXTRAordinary!

DD48- Abraham - Part 2--Learning to Lean on God Alone

God asks each of His children to follow Him with wholehearted obedience. Although Abraham fell many times trying to do this he got back up and kept going.

DD49 Abraham- Part 3 -- Learning to Believe
We learn from Abraham what it means to "believe God".

DD50- Abraham - Part 4 -- Final Tests of Obedience
This study looks at the final stages of Abraham's life which were to contain some of his most difficult tests.

DD51- Jacob - Part 1--A Diamond in the Rough
In the life of Jacob, we see much of ourselves for he is an illustration of our disciplinary schooling by the Holy Spirit. In Jacob, we see our own extreme weakness and uselessness.

DD52- Jacob - Part 2--Testing Through Difficult Circumstances
We see how God's abundant love for Jacob was poured forth in many promises to him. But he also had plenty of testing through difficult circumstances. We are not to think that because of our own difficulties that God doesn't love us.

DD53- Jacob - Part 3--A Changed Man
God disciplines us for our good so that we may take on His character. We see in the final stages of Jacob's life how much he had been changed by God into the man he was meant to be.

DD54- The Life of Joseph and Successful Living
Success can mean many different things to different people but for a Christian, it can only mean one thing. Find out through the study of Joseph's life what successful living is all about.

DD55- Moses - Part 1-- A Life With Purpose
We begin our study of the only man in history that God spoke with "face to face". God's plan for any life is not to be thwarted by circumstances of the times. Study how God "kept" this man for the purpose in which He had intended. So God will do for our lives.

DD56- Moses- Part 2-- Learning Lessons in Hard Times
In this study, we'll focus on the key moments in the life of Moses as he leads two million enslaved Israelites out of the bondage of Egypt and into the promised land of freedom.

DD57- The Great Exodus -- God's Intervention in Desperate Times
400 years had passed in which the Hebrews had suffered enslavement at the hands of the Egyptians. The Egyptian King determined to wear them out and reduce their numbers by the rigor of slave labor. It was to this desperate situation that God looked down from Heaven and began His preparations for the Exodus. Perhaps you are in desperate situations of your own and are looking for God's intervention.

DD58- The Wanderings of Israel -- Learning From History
It was never God's intention that the Israelites should stay out wandering in the desert for 40 years. The prolonged journey was the direct result of sin. If history is to be of any benefit to us today we must look at the sins and failures of men and women who went before us.

DD59- The Promised Land Before Us
After 40 years of wandering the Israelites were finally ready to enter into the Promised Land. It's important for us that we do not stop short of all that God wants to give us. We are not meant to wander forever but to enter into all that God promises us.

DD60- What's Behind the Middle East Crisis? What's Behind our own Crisis?
We sin -- i.e. get ourselves into some kind of trouble or tight spot-- then we cry out to God for help -- then God in His mercy seems to come to us. This is an old pattern that the Israelites faced time and again. But is it our pattern as well? Will this always be our story?

DD61- The Times of Change -- Do You Need a New Start?
We look now at a time in history when things had sunk so low that God began to train a little boy who would become the nation's leader and lead them back on track. Perhaps things are at a low point in your own life and there is a need for repentance and a new start.

DD62- The Willfulness of a Nation and Lesson For Our Own Lives
Once the Israelites took hold of the Promised land they had their own ideas of what they wanted to do with it and in it. These were very different from what God wanted and so we see the results of a nation made up of willful people.

DD63- David --Part 1-- Does God Use Nobodies?
What does God look for in choosing his servants? If you feel you are a nobody who could not possibly be of any use to God, then you'll gain some new insights from our study of David.

DD64- David--Part 2-- God Uses Weak Vessels
In part 2 of our study of King David, we will take a look at how God is able to use a "weak vessel" to do mighty things if we will just let HIM do the work.

DD65- David--Part 3 --Hitting Bottom
We follow David in this study through some pretty dark times of his life. Let's study this month about what we are to do during those dark times of our lives when nothing seems to be going our way.

DD66- David-Part 4-When A Great Man Falls
Beware of those times when everything is going your way and life seems secure. These are the time when we feel the most independent and off our guard. This was such a time for David and we look this month at what happens when a great man falls.

DD67- David--Part 5-The Consequences of Sin
King David, King of Israel, had sinned in a big way. Our study now takes us to consider whether God can forgive the really BIG sins and if we can ever escape the consequences.

DD68- Solomon--Part 1-- A Good Start but.....
"Solomon, the successor of King David, was a man who had absolutely everything going for him. But is it our possessions, good jobs, and correct circumstances that make life successful?

DD69- Solomon--Part 2- Searching For The Meaning of Life
Solomon was the wealthiest and most famous man in the world in his time. But was he really better off than we are? Did all his advantages satisfy his heart? This study takes us into Solomon's own journal (the book of Ecclesiastes).

DD70- Solomon--Part 3-- Conclusions About Life's Meaning
In this study, we continue with Solomon in his search for truth and life's meaning. And ...we finally come to some of his observations, admonitions, and conclusions.

DD71- Solomon-Part 4--Conclusions About Life's Meaning (continued)
We've followed Solomon in his search for truth, meaning, and reality. Now Solomon in his later years has come to some definite conclusions. He has rounded a corner and come back to the truth that he knew all along.

DD72- Proverbs --Part 1- Wisdom For The Ages
Solomon in his youth was asked a question by God. "What do you want me to give you?"Just imagine what we might ask for! Find out what he asked for and the results that came from it.

DD73- Proverbs--Part 2--The Path of Folly
In this study, we'll look at Solomon's descriptions of five kinds of people on the path of folly. Each person is described vividly and the consequences for living such lives laid out.

DD74- Proverbs--Part 3--Wisdom 1001
Solomon, in asking God for wisdom, got it. His insights and understanding were beyond anything he might have ever attained through his own work or study. And so with his God-given gift of wisdom, Solomon wrote the book on wisdom. We look at that book in this study.

DD75- Proverbs--Part 4 --Recognizing People By How They Talk!
Solomon (during his reign as king) came to recognize people by how they talk! We might disguise ourselves for a while, but sooner or later our words will give us away. What kind of person are you?

DD76- Proverbs--Part 5--Making Money, Investing & Giving
Solomon gives us sound advice about making money and investing.

DD77- Proverbs--Part 6--More Advice on Finances And God's Provision
Solomon gives further advice on finances and leads us ultimately to see that God is our true Provider.

DD78- Proverbs--Part 7--Guarding Our Heart
It is the SOUL of man (our mind, will, and emotions) or what Solomon calls the heart of a man that we study today. What does God see when He looks upon our hearts? How are we to "keep" this very important part of us?

DD79- Proverbs--Part 8--The Pathway to Death and the Pathway to Life
Solomon in this study is writing as a father would to his son. He has made a lot of mistakes in his life and ultimately learned a lot of lessons!

DD80- Song of Solomon--Part 1 -Assurance of Acceptance and Love
The Song of Solomon is Solomon's finest and most important work of writing. It is an allegorical love story that will help you to see the beauties of love in your own walk with Jesus Christ.

DD81- Song of Solomon--Part 2-- The Call to a Resurrection Life
The closer we come in our walk with Jesus the more we see of our own sin and darkness. Nevertheless, Christ is able to "save to the uttermost" those that come to Him. We continue our study of this love story and how it relates to our own walk with Jesus.

DD82- Song of Solomon--Part 3--The Communion of Love
Jesus Christ calls out to each one of us (no matter how black and sinful our life is) desiring to "raise us up with Him into the heavenly places". He has a new life ready for each of us who dare to walk with Him into the communion of love.

DD83- Song of Solomon--Part 4--Into Service With Him
In our last study, we find a more mature bride. She is one that is now ready to leave her selfish desires to be in step with her husband and in HIS life and work. Jesus is very patient with us as He waits for us to leave ourselves behind and enter into service with Him.

DD84- Elijah--Part 1--One Light In the Darkness
Is there anything that ONE man can do against the evils of their day? In themselves-- no -- but called by God--Yes! Elijah was such a man and the theme of this study.

DD85- Elijah--Part 2--Depression and Self Pity
When we work in the Lord's business we must work in HIS energy, strength, and ability. Left to ourselves we have very little ability and in fact see only our fears, inabilities, and weakness. Elijah was a strong man who took his eyes off of God. We may see a great deal of ourselves in this study.

DD86- Nehemiah--Part 1--Knocked Down But Not Out!
Nehemiah (in attempting to obey God) faced nothing but opposition. It runs parallel to our own lives as we obey God in doing His will. There will always be opposition but it doesn't need to stop the work.

DD87- Nehemiah--Part 2--Rebuilding The Walls
The story of Nehemiah and his mission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem has many parallels to our own lives. We may seem to have a life that is ruined and in disrepair but there is a way to rebuild.

DD88- Esther - God at Work in Ordinary Lives Like Ours
The story of Esther is a real story and historical event that took place with God's direction the whole way through. He directs so quietly that His name is not even mentioned once in this book! Most of us live in a routine world. We do not hear God in great dramatic ways and yet He is all the time directing our lives from behind the scenes.

DD89- The Story of Job --Part 1--Opposition
In the oldest book of the Bible, God gives us a living example of a very righteous man who suffered almost beyond our comprehension. Through his story, we may find some of the answers for our own trials and hardships.

DD90- The Story of Job--Part 2--Job Aroused to Anger
Job in talking with his "friends" about "What have I done to deserve this?" becomes so angry that in desperation he accuses God. Are we accusing God in our anger for the hardships in our life?

DD91- The Story of Job -- Part 3--Job in the Crucible
Although suffering is not always caused by our sins it can nevertheless be used by God to show us our true nature and the need that each one of us has to be "born again" in God. Slowly and painfully Job comes to see God's greater purposes behind his situation.

DD92- ISAIAH Part 1: Warnings to Israel and Us!
Isaiah was called by God as a prophet to the nation of Judah. God had some warnings to give to this nation through Isaiah. A nation is made up of individuals and the truths in this timeless book are meant for our warning as well.

DD93- ISAIAH Part 2: When We Ignore the Warnings
Just as God uses our natural circumstances and relationships to discipline us, so He used Israel 's own enemies to discipline and chasten them. In the true character of God, He allowed the events of chastening only after His warnings and appeals went unheeded. Isaiah was God's spokesman and his words continue on for us today.

DD94- Jeremiah--Part 1: A Life of Faith in God
Our human potential can only be fulfilled when God's will is fulfilled rather than our own. Life is therefore lived at its best when its lived by faith in God. Jeremiah, our subject, lived such a life. He was more interested in what God wanted for his life than in what he wanted. Are you?

DD95 Jeremiah--Part 2: Last Warnings Before Destruction
The people of Israel under Josiah's reign had a new enthusiasm for God. Church and worship were popular and all the right things were being said. Everything "looked" right but the people themselves were not right. The Heart of Sin within individuals had not changed. Jeremiah was to be the country's last warning before destruction.

DD96- Jeremiah--Part 3: Living in Crazy Times
How can those of us that want to live for God do it successfully in an environment that seems bent on pulling us other directions? We look to the life of Jeremiah for some answers.

DD97- Ezekiel-Part 1: God the Father Revealed
Ezekiel, a prophet of God, was living with the Israelite people in exile. He was part of a small remnant that had remained faithful to God and he was a strong man in the midst of a defeated people. In our study of the book of Ezekiel, we look not so much at the man himself but at what he has to tell us about God.

DD98- Ezekiel- Part 2: The Holy Spirit Revealed
Despite the fact that Jesus and the Holy Spirit had not been revealed to all men at the time of Ezekiel, God does give us a definite preview of the life to come through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. God wants to live in each believer and He does so through His Holy Spirit. Therefore we aren't studying dry theory but the living God in our lives.

DD99- Ezekiel- Part 3: Jesus the Son of Man Revealed
In the life of Ezekiel, we find many parallels to the life of Christ. Already, hundreds of years before God would send His Son to earth, He was preparing the way for Him by giving clues to the people of who they should be looking for. May this study help us to find Jesus for ourselves.

DD100- Daniel -Part 1-Living By Conviction
Living by conviction is how we stand strong when times of testing come. Solid faith in God must be the rock we stand upon in a world set against Him. When we accurately represent God, people will recognize and fear Him.

DD101- Daniel-Part 2- When Hard Times Come
When hard times come and we are pressured to act outside of our conscience, it is our convictions that help us to stand strong. We don't need to fear the hard situations of our lives for the Lord always goes with us and He will never fail us.

DD102- Daniel-Part 3- The Handwriting On the Wall
When a man or woman shows disrespect for the things of God they can expect that there will come a day of reckoning no matter who they are. God cannot be mocked. We are meant to learn from history ( from the sins and errors of those who went before us) and pay attention to the handwriting on the wall in our own life (God's word to us in our circumstances).

DD103-Daniel-Part 4- "Consider the Word and Understand"
In this last study of Daniel God begins to unfold the days that are coming. But while we look ahead we must keep our feet firmly planted in the present and choose to align our lives with God today. We will find that the God who has mapped our future will be able to guide and guard us through the present.

DD104-Hosea-Part 1- God's Saving Love
Hosea prophesied at a time when prosperity, moral laxity, corrupt government, wide class distinctions, and ritualistic worship were the order of the day. This is the story of God's love to those who have been unfaithful to Him. God's love pursues us even in our most rebellious times because He wants us for His own. His love is a saving love and each one of us is the object of His love.

DD105-Hosea- Part 2: Real Repentance
The Israelites (God's chosen people) had drifted far from God in their hearts. They were making a good outward show and saying the right words but God is not fooled by our empty words. When we have sinned and gone our own independent way God will not be satisfied with anything less than real repentance.

DD106- Jonah- The Prophet Who Ran Away
Have you ever been called by God to do a task that you just could not face? Perhaps you sought to rationalize God's plan to do something more palatable or maybe even to run from it entirely. If you've been in this place, or if you are facing some question of obedience today then you will want to take a closer look at ….. JONAH - The Prophet Who Ran Away.

DD107-Tired of Lies and Ready to Face the Truth?
How many people do you know that have cancer but go around saying they are basically healthy? No, when you have cancer you find out what kind you have, where it is located, and all the relevant details about it. It's only when a person looks squarely at the facts that he can even begin to be treated. The same is true with the heart of man. We need to look at the facts before we can begin to accept God's cure! If you are tired of lies and are ready to face the truth, then God has an abundant life available for you.

DD108-Do You Love God or Are You Just Religious?
Certainly, God loves the praise and worship of His people. But we'll soon see that man likes "to do his own thing" while appeasing God at the same time. So the real question for us to be honest about is this: Do you love God or are you just religious?

DD109-Can  We Know What God is Like? --"Who Is Like God?" (Micah 7:18) 
Can we really know what God is like? We must not be content to know God as a distant creator far off in the Heavens somewhere. He would not want that. We are to know Him as "Our Father who art in Heaven….." Anyone that is "our Father" must be personal to us -- to you and me. He wants us to know Him and therefore gives this marvelous revelation to his prophets for our benefit today.

DD110-The Son of God was Predicted!
The coming of the Son of God (Jesus Christ) to earth was foretold in great detail. From His unusual birth to His violent death the prophets, inspired by God, had predicted centuries ahead of time the events and details of Christ's life. Now, on this side of Christ's death, we are able to look back and see that all that was predicted came true. For each prophecy that you'll read in this study from the Old Testament, you will read of its fulfillment in the New Testament.

DD111-Jesus and His Arrival Upon Earth
Although the Jews had been waiting expectantly for a Messiah, when He came to them they didn't recognize Him. He just didn't fit any of their "rules" for being the Messiah! We do not want to miss Jesus Christ in our own lives and so we need to answer the questions: How did Christ come and from where? Is He someone that I need to know today?

DD112-Jesus- His Purpose For Coming
We can all look into history and name men and women, famous or not, who seemed to be born for one specific purpose. For these individuals there seemed to be no alternative. They had to do the one "thing" that was inside of them. Jesus Christ was just such a man. This study will help you to see the purpose of His coming to our earth.

DD113-How Does Salvation That is Already Accomplished in Christ, Become Mine?
We need to recognize that our problems result directly from living independently of God. Living life in our own way will never work. This independence in deciding how we are going to live our life is sin. It is sin that has severed our relationship with God. Sin makes us like dead men in God's sight. Sin blinds us from seeing the truth about ourselves and the lives we live. Sin keeps us from living our lives for the purpose that God had planned for us. So, this study will help you to see how all that Christ came to do and be for us can become ours.

DD114-If Salvation is so Life-Changing, Why are There so Many Miserable Christians? - Part 1
Many Christians are "saved" people still living under the power of sin. They have forgiveness of their past and they know they have eternal life in the future but TODAY is often like hell on earth. If you are a Christian and are baffled by all the unchristian behaviors that you see in yourself and others then this study may shed some light as to why.

DD115-If Salvation is so Life-Changing, Why are There so Many Miserable Christians? - Part 2
All of us can point our finger at someone who calls themselves a Christian and yet talks and walks quite unlike Jesus Christ who is now living His life through them. This has confused and baffled non-Christians but it has also confused Christians, who are surprised that they again have sinned and wonder why and how it could be.

DD116- The Humility of Christ
There is one characteristic of Jesus Christ that pervaded his life. It was not the quality that former great leaders had and not usually the one that our present leaders display. But this quality is the key to understanding Jesus Christ and what He taught. Without this one character trait in our own life, we will never come to really know God! Therefore this study on Jesus will be a very important one.

DD117-Why Should We Listen To Jesus?
In upcoming studies, we want to look at what Jesus taught and see how it applies to our own lives. But before we can start looking at His teachings, I believe we have to answer this question…… Why Should We Listen To Him?

DD118- The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand. Why Is This Good News?
Jesus spoke about one topic more than any other. When He started His public ministry, He came announcing that "the kingdom of Heaven was at hand." So what was the kingdom of God? In what sense was it "at hand" and how was it to be "good news?"

DD119-Christ's Teaching on Living Above and Beyond the Law
Jesus Christ came into a very ancient society that had built its life and customs on the "law and the prophets". He came as a revolutionary, not trying to overthrow the law but to complete and fulfill it. In our study, we want to look at Christ as the fulfillment of the Jewish law and what that means for our lives today.

DD120-Jesus Teaches By Example - Part 1
Much of what we learn growing up is "caught and not taught". In this study, we are going to crisscross the gospel stories and look at what Jesus taught through the various incidents that He became involved in.

DD121 -Jesus Teaches By Example - Part 2
In this study, we look at what Christ actually did for each person in need and how Jesus responded to those that approached Him for help.

DD122 - Jesus Teaches By Example and the Responses of Those Involved -- Part 3
In the third study of this series, we want to read some of the same passages again but this time let's notice the response of the healed person or the other people that were around. This is important because whatever Jesus said or did, men were always divided in their response to him. If the Son of God received such reaction to truth and good works, can we as his servants expect any less?

DD123 - God Gives To Us So That We Can Provide for Others: Matthew 6:1-4 / 19-21
We can afford to be the most generous people in the world when we're related to the king of the universe. God gives to us that we might be the provider for others.

DD124 - Our Lord's Teaching on Prayer and Fasting - Part 1 (Matthew 6:5-8 / Matthew 6: 16-18 / Matthew 9:14-15 )
Whether you are a believer that doesn't pray, prays very little, or prays much you'll find the Lord's directives in this study uncomplicated and encouraging.

DD125 - Our Lord's Teaching on Prayer --Part 2 (Matthew 6:9-13)
Prayer is to become such an important part of life that Jesus laid out a "pattern" for prayer in response to the request of one of His disciples. These verses in Matthew are traditionally called "The Lord's Prayer" but it's actually a pattern for all of us. It should really be called "The Disciple's Prayer" and thus "Our Prayer".

DD126 - Ask, Seek, Knock -- Our Lord's Teaching on Prayer --Part 3 ( Matthew 7:7-11 )
Prayer is to be an active and engaging exchange with our Heavenly Father. Jesus teaches us that there are three actions we are to take when we pray.

DD127- Coming Out of the Dark and the Cost of Being a Christian ( Matthew 6:22-24/ Matthew 8:18-22 )
We can never accuse Jesus of trying to recruit followers before they knew what would be involved. He wants anyone that wants to be his disciple to count the cost first before making a commitment.

DD128- The High Cost of Worry (Matthew 6: 25,34)
The world says that worry is a normal part of our life but worry in God's eyes IS NOT a normal part of life. IT IS NOT a harmless activity that is natural to the human race. If you are prone to worry then you'll want to carefully consider Christ's teaching on this important subject.

DD129-Christ's Compassion and Heart For Men and Women ( Matthew 7:1-5 / Matthew 9:36-38 )
In this study, the Lord starts by being very abrupt with us when it comes to the topic of judging and criticizing others. His advice? DON'T! If we wonder how we should feel toward our fellow-men we have only to look at Christ's own attitude.

DD130-Truth and Those Willing To Listen ( Matthew 7:6, 24-27 )
We will look at "truth" in this study and man's willingness (or unwillingness) to hear and act upon it. Can it be that there are some people who will never accept God's truth?

DD131-All Life Is a Choice - (Matthew 7:12-14 )
We cannot accuse God or his son Jesus of being too complicated in what they teach us. Over and over throughout the Bible, we can find one verse summaries of how we are to live. In these next verses in Matthew Jesus makes it quite clear that all of life is a choice.

DD132-Belief is Exposed by Actions - Matthew 7:15-23
Watch out! Beware! Peppered throughout the Lord's teaching to us are these warnings. In the world and sadly within the church there are "wolves dressed in sheep's clothing." The bad is mixed with the good and we must be able to tell the difference. Jesus gives us some guidelines by showing how belief is exposed by actions.

DD133-Jesus Choosing His Staff and Our Own Calling - Matthew 9:9-12 & Matthew 10:1-4
How could God ever use someone like me? Why would he want to? What does God see in me? If these are any of the questions you have asked about yourself then this study will answer some of them for you. We may never know what God sees in us but we know that he sees past our ordinary exterior to our heart. Because he knows us from the inside out he is able to use us with other men and woman that are like who we are.

DD134-The Formation of Christianity in a Jewish World with the First Disciples - Matthew 9:16,17 / Matthew 10:5-42
This study looks at the problem of new ideas and the need for Christianity to be established apart from Judaism. Then we'll learn Christ's instruction to his first disciples and messengers which still relate to us today.

DD135- Questioning God From Tight Places - Matthew 11: 1-11
If you've ever cried out to God from a "tight place" then you have been in the same spot as John the Baptist. In these few verses about the great man John the Baptist, Jesus shows us the second half of the gospel that John and his disciples didn't know. We too may be enlightened to know more about the God we seek.

DD136- The Way to Truth - Matthew 11: 12-27
If you have ever met a "know it all" you quickly learn that they don't know it all. You'll discover the two deadly sins that keep "know it alls" from the truth and the one virtue needed by all of us to find the truth.

DD137- Rest for Weary Souls - Matthew 11:28-30 / Matthew 12: 1-14
There is nothing that makes men so tired as religion. Religion is an exhausting web of "do's and don'ts". Real Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus Christ and there is only one law that is needful. When you live by the one law all others are fulfilled.

DD138- Called and Equipped For a Mission - Matthew 12:15-21 / Matthew 12:22-29
If you are a Christian then you are Christ's representative now in this world. We'll learn in this study what makes us qualified and how God Himself equips us for the special mission He has for each one of us.

DD139- No Neutrality - Matthew 12: 30 / Matthew 12: 38-42
The world divided into two parts with the coming of Jesus Christ, the son of God. In the person of Jesus, we are confronted with God and every man must decide for himself what to do with Christ. We are either for Him or against Him but there is no neutrality!

DD140- An Unforgivable Sin - Matthew 12: 31-33
Do you ever wonder whether you have committed the "unpardonable sin" or felt fearful lest it should ever happen? This study will reveal the one person that can't be guilty of this sin.

DD141- Words are the Thermometer of the Heart - Matthew 12:34-37
Our words reveal our true heart. This is a short study but from it we learn that words are the thermometer of the heart.

DD142- The Danger of an Empty Mind and Heart - Matthew 12: 43-45
A religion that simply consists of "thou shalt nots" will never be effective at keeping us from evil. It's not enough that we merely stop sinning. The evil must be replaced with the good.

DD143- Christ's True Spiritual Family - Matthew 12:46-50
Often our families are the ones who understand us the least. That was the case for Jesus as well. In this study, Jesus makes clear who his true spiritual family is.

DD144- Jesus is There When We Need Him - Matthew 14: 22-33
This study is for any of us in extreme circumstances that feel we are sinking fast. We have a sweet reminder in these verses that God is committed to sustaining us throughout our life.

DD145-A Clean Heart and How We Get It - Matthew 15:1-20
Are you making yourself sick? You act one way before men but inside you know there is impurity, wrong motives, bad thinking, and pride -- all of which you have continually tried to keep hidden. If you are at this point and long for the holiness that God wants for you then this study will clarify what a clean heart is and how you can have one.

DD146-Faith Tested and Passionate Prayer - Matthew 15:21-28
It could be argued that if prayer isn't passionate it's not really prayer. When you go to God are you passionate enough to "not take no for an answer"? We have in our study today the story of a Canaanite woman that was having her faith tested by Jesus himself. Her passionate prayer and persistence earned the highest accolade the Lord could have given.

DD147-The Miracle of Small Giving - Matthew 15: 29-39
God is always in the business of supporting the weak, the tired, the helpless. In the same way, He wants us to do the same. But how is this possible when our own resources are so limited and the needs so big?

DD148-Jesus--Man's Last Hope - Matthew 16:1-4
It is in Jesus that we see God. If we don't see God in Christ then we will never see him. Jesus Christ is God's last word to men.

DD149 -Warnings From Jesus Concerning False Teaching - Matthew 15:29-39
What did Jesus mean when He cautioned us to be on our guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees? In these verses, we'll study the warnings Jesus gave concerning false teaching.

DD150- Jesus, Is He Your Personal Discovery? - Matthew 16: 13-23
The end was very near now for Jesus and he was confronting a problem. Was there anyone who recognized him for who he really was? If there was, then his work could safely move on. If not, Christianity would die with him. This study is much more than Jesus dealing with his twelve disciples. It extends right down to us today.

DD151- The First Requirement to be a Disciple of Jesus - Matthew 16:24
Jesus opens the invitation to be his disciples to anyone. He says, "If anyone would come after me....." This "anyone" includes you and I. But -- Jesus lays out three qualifications that must be met first. This study will deal with the first requirement.

DD152- The Second Requirement to be a Disciple of Jesus - Matthew 16:24
We've been looking at the Lord's requirements for being his disciple. The first requirement we looked at was what it means to deny our "self". Our "self" refers to what Romans 6:6 refers to as our "old self". This first requirement is the foundation for the second one which we'll look at in this study.

DD153- The Third Requirement to be a Disciple of Jesus - Matthew 16:24
We have just studied that the first requirement to be the Lord's disciple is to deny the "self" life. The second requirement deals with us taking up our cross daily. Now we come to the third requirement to be Christ's disciple.

DD154 - The Transfiguration - A Spiritual Mountain Top Experience - Matthew 17:1-13
In this study we come to an event called the Transfiguration of Jesus. It was what I call a "mountain top experience" for Jesus, Peter, James, and John. It was a time of revelation. God gives those times to each one of us but they are not meant to last. They are meant to strengthen us for the next step. Let's study together the revelation that God gave at this time and what it also means for us.

DD155 - The Essential Faith Needed For Life's Problems - Matthew 17:14-20
The disciples had just experienced a big spiritual failure. In this study, we learn the reason for spiritual failure and how we can avoid falling into the same trap.

DD156- Christianity and Good Citizenship - Matthew 17:24-27
This short study gives us a glimpse of our duty as a citizen and the reason behind our submitting to civil authority.

DD157- Our Attitude Towards God and Our Fellowmen- Matthew 18:1-4
When Jesus brings a bright-eyed little child to himself and has him sit down he proceeds to teach his disciples and us what a Christian's attitude should be towards God and his fellowmen.

DD158- Our Responsibility to Children and Those Younger in the Faith - Matthew 18:5-7, 10
A "child", meaning either a young person or someone young in the faith, is so important to God that Jesus has some very definite teaching to give to each of us concerning our role in their lives.

DD159- Get Radical With Sin - Matthew 18: 8-9
Jesus has radically dealt with sin on our behalf but each of us still needs to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as we get radical with sin in our own lives.

DD160- Do We Matter To God? - Matthew 18: 12-14
If you've ever had doubts about whether you matter to God, this study will answer that question once and for all.

DD161 - What Do We Do When Another Believer Wrongs Us? - Matthew 18: 15-35
What do we do when another believer wrongs us? The Lord knew that this would happen and he gives us practical steps to maintain the unity in our relationships.

DD162 - Marriage and Divorce - Matthew 19:1-9
When the Pharisees came to Jesus to ask him about divorce in Matthew 19:3 they were seeking to involve Him in controversy. Jesus sidesteps their question and takes us back to the beginning to look at God's original intention for marriage and divorce.

DD163 - To Marry or Not --That is the Question! - Matthew 19:10-12
To marry or not to marry -- that is the question Jesus addresses with his disciples when they are surprised by his teaching about marriage and divorce.

DD164 - "Let the Children Come!" - Matthew 19: 13-15
Using children as an object lesson Jesus shares who will qualify to be part of the Kingdom of God and why.

DD165- The Wrong Idea About Religion - Matthew 19: 16-22
What is it that can block eternal life even for a person apparently doing all the right things? This study focuses on a young man, who like many of us, had the wrong idea about religion and finds himself coming up short.

DD166- Riches and Their Danger- Matthew 19: 23-26
Jesus knew that the rich take on certain attitudes. They are so dangerous that they can keep a wealthy man from the salvation that Jesus has for him. This study continues to focus on the rich, young ruler mentioned in study 165 and exposes the traps that wealth can bring.

DD167- What Will We Get Out of Following Christ?- Matthew 19: 27-30
Men and women who think only in terms of this world conclude that if they give so much they ought to get so much back. If we spend our energy on something, we should expect to get something in return. In this study, Peter asks Jesus a question. It is one you may have asked yourself.

DD168 - The Generosity of God - Matthew 20:1-16
Jesus is telling a parable so that we will see more clearly what the Kingdom of Heaven is like and especially about the generosity of God.

DD169 - False Ambition and True Ambition - Matthew 20: 20-28
In a display of great patience, Jesus uses a situation that came up with two of his disciples to teach us the difference between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world as well as the difference between false ambition and true ambition.

DD170 - Let's Get Specific in Prayer - Matthew 20: 29-34
When two blind beggars call out to Jesus in their need, Jesus uses the situation to teach his disciples and us about being specific in prayer and being ready to reach out to receive the answer God wants to give.

DD171 - How to Walk Through Your Life in God's Will - Matthew 20:17-19/ Matthew 21: 1-11
We now hear Jesus for the third time warning His disciples that He was on his way to the cross. And in the next events, he uses his own life as an object lesson to teach us about walking in God's will for our own life.

DD172 - A Time to Clean House - Matthew 21:12-17
Overturning the tables of the money-changers and animal booths in the temple was Christ's reaction to the greed and profiteering going on in the name of religion. It was time to clean house. In this study, we learn how this applies to our own life -- the temple of our body.

DD173 - Are You Bearing Fruit For God? - Matthew 21: 18-19
When Jesus curses a fig tree for not having any fruit on it, he raises the question for all of his disciples, both then and now, "Are you producing fruit for God?" Without God's fruit, we are barren people and like the fruitless fig tree - good for nothing.

DD174 - The Prayer of Faith- A Lesson in Supernatural Living - Matthew 21:20-22
Jesus gives us an incredible word in these verses. He tells us that whatever we ask in prayer we will receive if we have faith. Does he really mean this and if so does he mean it for our lives today?

DD175 - Are You Doing God's Will? - Matthew 21: 23-32
Some of us show reluctance towards God but follow him anyways, while others of us talk like we are on God's side but our actions don't match our talk. So how can we know where we stand in aligning our life with God? This study will help us answer the question, "Are we doing God's will?

DD176 - Will You Be Found Trustworthy? - Matthew 21: 33-46
In this parable, Jesus addresses the issue as to whether we will be found trustworthy in believing and obeying him as God's son

DD177 - You Are Invited But Will You Come? - Matthew 22: 1-14
In this parable, we learn that entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven has been opened to every man and woman because of the Jew's rejection of it. But having the right clothes on will mean the difference between acceptance or rejection. What does this mean and where do we get the right clothes?

DD178 - Dual Citizenship - Matthew 22: 15-46
In an effort to discredit Jesus, the Jewish leaders asked a series of trick questions. In his brilliant responses, Jesus teaches them (and us) about the concept of our dual citizenship and how it affects all of life.

DD179 - Christ's Warnings For the Jews and the Gentiles - Matthew 23: 1-39
The Jewish leaders who had tried to trick Jesus in his own words had failed. Now, the Lord turns to the crowds and his disciples and gives them some very definite instruction concerning these leaders. It's as applicable today as it was then.

DD180 - End Times - Part 1-Matthew 24:1-14
Matthew 24 is called the Olivet Prophecy and is the most detailed of all Bible predictions. The Lord gives us this detailed account of the end times so that his children will not be fearful but ready.

DD181- End Times -Part 2 - Six Perils- Matthew 24: 4-14
This study continues looking at the six perils that we will encounter during the time before the "end of the age". As believers, we are to know what we believe and why we believe it so that we will not be deceived by the false teachers of our time.

DD182 - End Times- Part 3- The Great Tribulation and Rapture of the Church - Matthew 24:15-22 / 36-44
Let's continue discussing the end times that Jesus spoke of in the Olivet Prophecy, specifically the events called The Great Tribulation and the Rapture.

DD183 - End Times - Part 4 - The Second Coming of Christ- Matthew 24:29-44
We are studying the end times that Jesus spoke of in the Olivet Prophecy. This study focuses on the second coming of Christ and our part in preparing for that.

DD184- Watching and Waiting For the Lord - Part 1 - Matthew 24:45-51
Jesus tells us several times to watch and wait for him. Then he presents us with three stories that tell us what watching and waiting will mean for those who believe in him. This study is the first of these three stories and teaches believers to be ready for the Lord TODAY!

DD185 - Watching and Waiting For the Lord - Part 2 - Matthew 25: 1-13
Jesus tells us several times to watch and wait for him. Then he presents us with three stories that tell us what watching and waiting will mean for those who believe in him. This study is the second of these stories comparing wise with foolish Christians.

DD186 - Watching and Waiting For the Lord - Part 3 - Matthew 25:14-30
With whatever we have been given we are to risk it all so that God can have his increase and be glorified by our work. This is the third story that Jesus tells comparing diligent with lazy believers.

DD187 - The Sheep and the Goats -- Practical Christianity - Matthew 25:31-46
This parable is about one of three judgments coming in which Jesus will make a decision as to who will be part of His Millennial Kingdom. Will we be surprised by his decision?

The studies for the rest of Matthew can be found under COURSES ---Man's Problem, God's Cure. This course is an in-depth look at  Christ's death and resurrection and what was accomplished because of it. The study starts a week before Christ's death and moves through to the resurrection. This study not only looks at Matthew, but also Mark, Luke, and John so that we get the full picture of this most important event. Then in part 2 of this course, we look at how you and I apply it to our everyday lives. The Cross is the divide of human history and you'll want to know all that it will mean for your own life.

DD188- Is Healing For Today?
When Jesus walked among the people during his life, the Bible tells us that he went around doing good and healing ALL who were oppressed by the devil. But does he still do this in our day? There are three main views on this and this study looks at them all because only one is right.

DD189 - Our Position "In Christ" - Part 1 - Getting There and Living From There
The words "in Christ" or "in Him" are peppered throughout the New Testament so that we often skip over them and miss the deep meaning our Father wants us to know. Understanding our position with God --"in Christ"--will enable us to truly partner with God throughout our life on earth and then into eternity.

DD190- Our Position "In Christ" - Part 2 - Getting Back What We Lost
Before anything was ever created, God proposed to create us IN HIS SON so that we could all be part of his great family. He means for all of us to have the fullness of life, although He knows that some will never take it. When our first parents Adam and Eve fell from grace due to sin, all of us "in them" fell as well and begin life on earth independent from God. Let's look at the ingenious plan of God to restore us to what we were originally meant to be.

DD191- Our Position "In Christ" - Part 3- What We Have By Being "In Christ"
The Father sent Jesus to earth to restore the four things that we lost through sin. When we know and accept His work on our behalf it's like a reset button has been pressed in our life. In this study, we look at what we have by being "In Christ".

DD192 - God Wants Us Well - Part One
Most of us aren't plagued with fatal diseases, but with more benign troubles like vertigo, migraine headaches, or arthritis. They aren't killing us outright, but are keeping us from all that God has planned for us to be and do. That's how this study began for me and it was a complete reversal of my thinking. 

DD193 - God Wants Us Well - Part Two
We look at God's attitude towards healing and then how we can enforce it for ourselves. We'll look at what hinders God from being able to heal us. His big heart of love and mercy wants us well so we can finish the work he has given us to do. 

DD194 - Do You Know Where You Belong?
Too many of us live our lives comparing ourselves with others. We long to belong and have a seat at someone's table -- anyone's table. What we don't realize is that God has provided us with the best seat in the whole universe. In this study we look at the important verse: Ephesians 2:6

DD195- Sit, Walk, Stand - Our Life with Christ in Three Words - Part 1
Christianity does not begin by walking but by sitting down in the work that Christ has finished for us. 

DD196- Sit, Walk, Stand - Our Life with Christ in Three Words - Part 2 
It's only after we learn to sit down and rest in the finished work that Jesus has done for us, that we can begin to walk with Christ in the life we have been given to live. 

DD197- Sit, Walk, Stand - Our Life with Christ in Three Words - Part 3
Our life with Christ begins with sitting down, and proceeds by walking with Christ. But eventually all of us must learn to stand our ground. Satan, the archenemy of God and his people does not want us to succeed in our walk with God. We are in a battle whether we like it or not and must learn to stand. 

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