Changed Skeptics
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Changed Skeptics

There were men at the time of Christ's ministry who were watching all that was happening with his miracles and healing and yet were still skeptical that Jesus was who he claimed to be. One of these skeptics was Christ's own brother.

Changed Skeptics

There were men during the time of Christ’s ministry who were watching all that was happening and were skeptical --- skeptical that this man Jesus was who he claimed to be. His teaching didn’t convince them. His sinless life didn’t convince them. His miracles didn’t convince them.

One of these skeptics was Christ’s own brother James. He and his other siblings were actually embarrassed by their brother and thought he was out of his mind! (Mark 3:21)Yet, the historian Josephus wrote that James became the leader of the church in Jerusalem. He was stoned to death for his belief in his brother. So, what changed his mind? The Apostle Paul tells us. The resurrected Jesus appeared to him! No other explanation is given. James the skeptic became James the believer and became a faithful witness to Jesus until his death.

Then there was Saul of Taursus, who became the Apostle Paul. He was not only a skeptic but an active persecutor of anyone following Jesus.
13-He was right there in the crowd when they stoned Stephen for accusing the Jewish leaders of having stubborn hearts -- and minds that were deaf to the truth. He led house to house raids on the believers determined to stamp out this new movement for good. Then, on a trip to Damascus, with the intent of arresting any followers of Jesus, Saul had an encounter that changed his life. Let’s listen to his own account.

<VIDEO CLIP of Acts 22:3-16>

Within a few days after the resurrected Jesus had appeared to him-- this skeptic and persecutor of Jesus and his followers – was himself baptized as a follower of Jesus and became God’s mighty witness to the Gentiles—or non-Jews--- around the world. Skeptic Saul became Believer Paul and like James he would lose his life for Jesus in Rome.

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