A Special Meeting --With Peter
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A Special Meeting --With Peter

A cocky disciple Peter had denied Jesus three times the night of his death. Now Jesus was giving Peter a second chance to prove his love.

A Special Meeting -- With Peter

Peter had been one of Christ’s closest disciples. A cocky Peter had boldly boasted that he would never allow Jesus to be handed over and killed. No, HE would die instead of Jesus if he had to. Then came the test and Peter had collapsed like a house of cards. He cried so hard that he thought his heart would break. He had acted like a coward. He was no longer worthy to be part of the disciples or a close friend to Jesus.  

But, Luke records in his gospel that after the resurrection Jesus met with Peter.  There is no record of what is spoken at that meeting. But when the 2 disciples from Emmaus proclaimed that Jesus was alive,  the other disciples were able to say that they already knew because Jesus had met with Peter! We can only assume at this private meeting that Jesus had extended his grace and forgiveness to Peter. A relieved Peter probably accepted his forgiveness but never thought he could again be used by the Lord.

But now, he and the other disciples had received a strange message from some of the women disciples. They had seen an angel in the tomb where Jesus had been laid to rest. And that angel told the women to tell ALL of the disciples that they were to meet Jesus in Galilee --- including Peter! Still smarting from all he had done Peter needed this word of encouragement.  He needed to feel he was still in the family. He loved Jesus and so wanted to be back on the team as His disciple!

While they were waiting for Jesus to come, Peter decided to go fishing and 6 other disciples joined him. They had caught nothing all night but as it was getting light they suddenly heard a voice from the shore telling them to throw their net on the other side of the boat. The fish flowed into that net so fast that the net started to break. John who was the most spiritually perceptive amongst them realized it was the Lord and said so. With that announcement Peter was in the water swimming to Jesus. He had run away once but never again.

Jesus was ahead of his disciples on the shore preparing them a breakfast of bread and fish. And while they were all on the beach eating, Jesus addressed Peter in front of everyone. Let’s listen into this private, yet public engagement

<VIDEO CLIP OF JESUS AND PETER--- Gospel of John 21:15-19>

Peter had denied Jesus three times and now Jesus had given him the opportunity three times to affirm his love. In this way Jesus recommissioned Simon Peter. He had already forgiven Peter but now with each affirmation of love he gave Peter an assignment. It was like Jesus was saying, “Peter, your work isn’t over. I need you to feed my lambs and tend my sheep.” Simon was the name Peter was born with but it would be Peter the rock that would emerge from this special meeting with new love and authority. He had been a miserable failure but God’s grace had covered all his sin and he was back on track to follow Jesus.

This special meeting with Peter should be a glimmer of hope for all the rest of us too. Some of us have done some pretty unthinkable things. But like Peter Jesus wants to meet us so we can move on and get back on track for doing what God made us to do.

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