The Day Christ Died
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The Day Christ Died

Jesus had been born to die for the sins of all mankind, but now the very human Jesus was wondering if there was any other way.

The Day Christ Died

It was in the Garden of Gethsemane -- after Jesus ate a last meal with his disciples -- that the full weight of what was about to happen came upon Jesus.
He asked his dear friends to stay with him in prayer while he went off alone to talk with his father. He had been born to die -- for the sins of all mankind--- but now the very human Jesus was wondering if there was any other way. He prayed this: “Father, if it is possible let this cup of suffering be taken away from me. Yet, I want your will to be done and not mine. He prayed this with a stress so intense that Luke the doctor records that his sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood – a condition today called hematohidrosis.

When the soldiers came to arrest Jesus, he was betrayed with a kiss by one of his own disciples—Judas--and then ALL of the disciples fled. Jesus would go through with his mission alone.

Throughout the night Jesus would stand through four trials. The Roman Governor Pilate would finally declare him innocent but still have him flogged and handed over to die.

Flogging was 40 lashes with a flagellum. This was a whip whose leather cords were loaded with shards of jagged bone and metal. Like most victims it ripped Christ’s flesh to shreds. Then, as if that wasn’t enough they wove for him a crown of thorns and stuck it deep into his throbbing head. The 40 pound cross beam was then loaded onto Christ’s shoulders while he stumbled up a hill outside of Jerusalem called Golgotha or Calvary – meaning “place of the skull”.

Only his disciple John would make it back to be in the crowd along with his mother and a few other women friends while he was dying. Jesus would be crucified between 2 violent thieves on their own crosses. One thief would curse Jesus along with the others watching. But in a moment of revelation the other thief would turn to Christ and plead for the life of his soul. What encouragement it must have been to hear Jesus say to him, “I assure you: Today you will be with me in Paradise.” Those two thieves on either side of Jesus represent all of us today. We are either on the side of rejecting him or we are on the side of recognizing who He is and aligning our life with his.

The day Jesus died was a day that no one would forget. People couldn’t stop talking about the amazing things that happened.Many would write accounts of it – including Christ’s disciple Matthew. Let’s end this video by listening to Matthew tell what happened.

<VIDEO CLIP: Matthew 27:45-54>

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