What Did Jesus Claim? "I am!"
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What Did Jesus Claim? "I Am!"

In the Old Testament "I AM" is the most holy name for God. And this was the same name that Jesus was using for himself!

What Did Jesus Claim? "I am!"

Jesus’ main claim was that He came from God so that we could find out for ourselves what God is like. In the last 3 videos we looked at some of the evidence. First he spoke and acted like God. He spoke with authority and acted with power.

Second, he accepted worship from those who had revelation to see that they were in the presence of God himself. Third, he gave us promises that were so big and far fetched that they couldn’t happen unless he WAS God.

And now….The fourth strand of evidence that Jesus was God, was that He referred to Himself as “I am”.  In the Old Testament “I am” is the most holy name for God -- the source of all life, the ever living One. We find Jesus using these same two words, “I am” to describe who he was.


They knew what Jesus was claiming and so they picked up rocks to stone him. When Jesus says, “I am,” he means that where he is there is God. When Jesus teaches it’s as though God is teaching. What Jesus did is what God would have done.  That’s why Jesus was so sure that the kingdom of God was in their midst. He had brought it in – HE was God in their midst. It’s a claim so startling that you can either believe it and worship him or ----you can defiantly reject Him. You have to decide one way or another. He’s either God as He claims or He’s someone you’ll stone as a liar.  

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