What Did Jesus Claim? He Was God in Human Form
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What Did Jesus Claim?
He Was God in Human Form

We continue in this video to talk about Jesus' main claim that he was God in human form and the evidence that shows this to be true.

What Did Jesus Claim? He Was God in Human Form

We’ve been talking about the fact that Christ’s main claim was that He was God in the flesh – in human form. He had come from Heaven to earth so that we could know what God is like. Four strands of evidence come together to show that this is true. We said that the first strand was Christ’s actions. He spoke and acted like God. Day after day he preached to spell bound crowds that hung on his every word. Then he would heal all the sick, and drive out demons that were spoiling life for someone.

The second strand of evidence that Jesus was God was that he accepted worship.

When Simon Peter and some of the other disciples had fished all night and caught nothing they heard a voice from the shore say, “Let down your nets on the other side of the boat.”  John perceived this was Jesus. With nothing to lose they obeyed and caught so many fish they could hardly get them all into the boat. Then suddenly in a moment of revelation Peter ran to Christ and fell at His feet to worship him. Jesus, who had been his teacher now became his Lord. We know that most men would recoil at this--- but not Jesus. He accepted Peter’s worship. And he accepted others who worshipped him as well. The implication was that it was his due.

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