What Did Jesus Do? The Great Physician
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What Did Jesus Do? The Great Physician

Having God's wholeness in our lives is what salvation is about and Jesus came to rescue us at every level of our need.

What Did Jesus Do? The Great Physician

There are many who are full of talk but little action. But that is something Jesus was NOT guilty of. He proclaimed that the rule of God had come to earth in him.... and then he lived it out in everyday life.

Jesus had come to bring salvation to men and women which meant he had come to bring healing to a broken world. Having God’s wholeness is what salvation is about and Jesus came to rescue us at every level of our need. This is what he set about doing when he started his ministry at age 30.

Early in his ministry Jesus likened himself to a doctor. The Jewish leaders had disapproved of the company that Jesus was keeping: tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, and the general “riff raff” of society. But---Jesus knew exactly what they were saying AND thinking. He replied, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick; I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” Mark 2:17 Jesus, in coming to our world was like a physician visiting a hospital ward. We think we are fine but he takes one look at us and says, “You need a doctor. I have come to heal the sick.”

First we see Jesus dealing with physical diseases day after day. He healed the blind, the lame, and the deaf. He touched the untouchable lepers with rotting skin and bones and they became as new as babies. On a few occasions he even brought back those who had died.  This was more than just compassion. It was proof that the Kingdom of God had come to earth.....and that God’s wholeness had broken upon mankind.

Jesus didn’t just confine his healing to physical conditions. During his life time there was a tremendous amount of demonic activity going on. The Bible makes it clear that there is a devil that is the supreme anti-God force. He’s not the character dressed in red with a pitch fork that we draw as a cartoon character. He is the organizing spirit behind all the wickedness, war, and disease amongst mankind. He is the opponent of God and goodness. Jesus certainly believed in Satan. He wrestled with him through 3 temptations as recorded by Matthew, Mark and Luke and then he continued to fight him all the way to the cross.

These writers record the fact that Satan has dark forces at his command that affect humans. They called these people “demonized”. We are not talking here about a psychological illness. Demonization takes root when someone has willingly involved themselves in following Satan through their blatant sin.  The expulsion of these dark forces by Jesus was another clear indication that the Kingdom of God had come amongst men.

But by far the greatest healing Jesus wanted to affect was rescue from the ravages of sin. When men and women continually break God’s law and fail to live up to his standards,  it brings upon us the darkness of guilt and shame. These are very real feelings because we know we are in the wrong with God and are at a loss as to what we can do to get right. Being in the wrong with God is like a hidden cancer. At first it’s not that bad. But in time the guilt and shame of sin grow until it feels big and life-threatening. Jesus was anxious to reverse this. Throughout his life he exposed the “dis-ease” of sin and put it to right. The final medicine for sin would be applied at Calvary.

On one occasion a paralyzed man was brought to Jesus by friends. The need? Well it was obvious. But instead of healing the paralysis, Jesus looked past that and said, “Your sins are forgiven.” Mark 2:5 When the religious leaders heard this they mumbled to themselves, “Blasphemy!” Only God can forgive sin and here this man is pretending to do the same. Now --- I think you’d agree that anyone can say, “Your sins are forgiven” and nobody can tell whether they are or not. So what did Jesus do?  He followed up “your sins are forgiven” with “take up your mat and walk.” And so the man did!

First the man’s sin got dealt with and then he was healed. Jesus regarded the forgiving of his sin more important than his physical healing. Forgiveness makes new people of us. Dr. Luke records that Mary Magdalene was a woman with 7 demons. Jesus set her free from the demons and forgave her for her sins. The result was that she became a new person full of love and loyalty to Jesus and followed him the rest of her life.

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