What Did Jesus Do? Miracles
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What Did Jesus Do? Miracles

You can't look at the life of Jesus apart from his miracles. They started with his birth and continued on after his death. They continue on even to this day.

What Did Jesus Do? Miracles

You can’t look at Jesus’ life apart from his miracles. They actually started at his birth. He had no human father. Jesus was conceived in Mary’s womb through the direct action of God.Once Jesus started his public ministry the miracles continued. He healed anyone who would come to him and he healed all kinds of diseases. He drove out demons that were destroying people’s lives and He raised some from the dead.

7-Jesus did miracles in nature too – like the time he calmed a wild storm that threatened to swamp the boat that he and the disciples were in.  And then his life ended – or shall we say started – for just 3 days after Jesus died, He was raised from the dead. And it was a total triumph over Satan and evil forces that wanted him dead forever.


It was clear from the start that Jesus was no ordinary man and the disciples wrote about the miracles that they were eye-witnesses to.  The Jewish leaders never denied the miracles -- but they angrily attributed them to the power of the devil.

Quadratus was one of the first to write about the truth of what Christ said and did.  Around 124 A.D. he wrote a letter to the Emperor Hadrian and a remarkable little fragment of that letter was found. Here is what it said: I quote --“But the works of our Savior were always present (for they were genuine): I mean those who were healed and those who rose from the dead. They were not only seen in the act of being healed or raised, but they remained always present -- and not merely when the Savior was on the earth, but after his departure as well. They lived on for a considerable time, so much so that some of them have survived to our own day.” end of quote

Jesus was not just another preacher. He exhibited miraculous powers on a continual basis and his miracles show us three things. First, they reveal a God who cares. Jesus shows up amongst a broken humanity and becomes our doctor and rescuer.

Second, the miracles show us that Jesus does what God does! Therefore the miracles give us a big clue as to who God really is. Here are 2 examples:While the Israelites were crossing the desert to get to the promised land, God fed them. Every day they went out to collect the manna and quail that God dropped down to them from Heaven. Well, Jesus also fed people who followed him for days to hear him teach. Several times the disciples testified that He multiplied just a few loaves and fishes so that thousand could eat and be satisfied. 

In a second example of showing that Jesus does what God does, David in the Psalms talks about how God stilled the raging sea. Similarly, while in a great storm on the Sea of Galilee Jesus did what his Father did and stilled that raging sea.

The third thing miracles show us is a picture of what Jesus offers to every human heart. Miracles are his claims acted out in reality – the greatest miracle being the transformation of our sinful, human hearts.

It’s because of the miracles that we have to make a decision as to who Jesus really is: Is he a quack? ---- or is he for real? Does he operate by Satan’s power or by the power of God? Is Jesus who he claims to be? Does he bring in the Kingdom of God with just talk? Or does he have the power to back it up?

His miracles can’t be set aside. No --- they are the key to who He is and what He did. He was bringing God to men and that couldn’t be hidden. So the miracles are a call to make up our minds. Did Jesus come to bring God to us - or is he a fraud and an instrument of evil?

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