What Did Jesus Teach? A Decision is Needed
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What Did Jesus Teach? A Decision is Needed

Jesus didn't just teach so that we would have a head full of knowledge. He taught us what is needed for us to make the most important decision of our life.

What Did Jesus Teach? A Decision is Needed

Another strand to Jesus’ teaching is the importance of making a decision –---not sometime in the future but here and now. He was calling people to the Kingdom of God-----but at the same time he was calling them to himself. In fact he equated entering the Kingdom of God with becoming his disciple.

Jesus uses some different words to describe coming into his kingdom. Sometime he talks about being “saved”, or “delivered” or obtaining “eternal life.” It all meant the same thing. In HIS time and up till today there was and still is only one condition. We have to follow him. We have to give our oath of allegiance to Him and he urged us to do that NOW.

John the Baptist told people to turn from their sins – because the Messiah was coming. But ---Jesus told people that the Son of God was here---right now--- and that HE was the Messiah or their deliverer. The new kingdom – the Kingdom of God-- would grow only as men & women rejoined their king. Jesus sent out a clear call then and it is still going out today.  

His call to us is appealing yet challenging  -- because Jesus made it clear that our eternal destinies hang on our decision. You can be safe with God or lost without him. You can build your life on shifting sand or on the solid rock of Christ. You can be a sheep inside of Christ’s flock or remain a goat on the outside looking in. You can stay out in the dark or come into the wedding feast that God calls us to. It’s up to us to choose. Jesus will not force anyone of us but He does compel a decision. We all decide one way or the other.

Jesus faces us with a decision we’d rather not make. It’s like He is saying this to us, “God’s way of living --- by his rule, his spirit in your heart is available because I brought it to earth for you. It’s by far the best way to run your life. Now, you can stay as you are, if you want, and miss what you were made for – but -- you must decide.”

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