Where Did It All Start? Unusual Events
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Where Did It All Start: Unusual Events

There were three strange events that attended the birth of Jesus

Where Did It All Start? Unusual Events

There were three  strange events that attended the birth of Jesus – the first being his parentage. Matthew and Luke, who recorded the birth and youth of Jesus point out that although Joseph was the registered, legal father of Jesus, he was not the biological father.

At the time of Christ’s birth, a miracle took place known only at that time to his parents Mary and Joseph. We are told by Matthew and Luke that while Mary was still a virgin, she became pregnant through the direct action of God.  God’s spirit came upon her and a supernatural conception occurred. 
Why was this supernatural intervention by God necessary?

Ever since our first parents, Adam and Eve sinned, all of us have inherited their sin nature. But because God interrupted the natural birth process of Jesus, it meant that He didn’t inherit a carnal nature like the rest of us. As a man, Jesus had no inclination to sin--even though he was tempted like we are. Jesus was born fully God and fully man and that’s what makes him different from all other religious leaders.

Within just a few decades of his death, the virgin birth had become one of the major points of Christian conviction. Into the early Christian creed was written, “He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.”

The 2nd unusual event at the time of Christ’s birth was the sighting of a very bright star over Bethlehem.  It occurred because of a conjunction of the planet Jupiter and Saturn in a portion of the sky called “The Fishes”.  It’s a phenomenon that happens once every 794 years!  To the people of antiquity the stars had great meaning.  In this case Jupiter denoted a world ruler. Saturn was considered the star of Palestine and “The Fishes” indicated the last days. Put together this told the people that the ultimate ruler of the world would appear in Palestine that year.

Cuneiform tablets, the ancient equivalent of newsprint, were found in Sippar Babylonia which was the Greenwich of the ancient world. They were written in 8 B.C. and foretold this rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn the next year. These predictions were the reason the wise men set out on their journey of discovery. They turned up in Jerusalem, Palestine’s capital city, because they were looking for the ruler of the world who was to come.

The 3rd unusual event surrounding Christ’s birth was that King Herod was agitated and threatened by all this. He had asked the 3 wise men to come back and report to him where the new-born king was so he could worship him – or so he said. God warned the wise men not to go back to Herod because he really wanted to kill Jesus. Herod was so alarmed and threatened that he ordered the massacre of all infant boys in the Bethlehem region! 

Video Clip – Slaughter of the Innocents

So people began to wonder that perhaps this boy Jesus would prove the fulfillment of their hopes. We must keep studying to see if they were right so we can also make up our own minds.

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