Does Jesus Matter: Introduction and Credits
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Does Jesus Matter: Introduction and Credits

This is an introduction to the course "Does Jesus Matter" and gives credit for the pictures, videos, books and sermons that went into making this production

Does Jesus Matter: Introduction and Credits

Some of us have grown up hearing the name Jesus Christ on a daily basis through our schools OR on a weekly basis through our churches. But if we are honest we aren’t sure how his life has any affect on ours today. Others of us have heard about Jesus through our history books or world religion classes. 
He’s just another “historical figure” --- and maybe a dangerous one at that. For there are whole regions of the world where it’s against the law to own a Bible which contains four eye-witness accounts of Jesus’s life. To be caught interested in Christ’s life or caught meeting with others who are interested can lead to prison…. And even to death. And then someone may be watching this who has never heard of this man --- so why should he matter?  

In all three cases the question is the same, “Does Jesus Matter?” Does he, or will he matter in your personal life, in your work life or your family life?
These short videos attempt to answer that question and I’ll tell you up front that it’s an emphatic, “Yes!”  So, keep an open mind as we look at his life together.

But first things first. I want to credit all those who have taken the time and effort to create some of the great movies about Christ’s life. Most of the pictures I’ve used in these videos are from these films. That’s why you’ll see Jesus looking “different”  from one slide to another. And I think it’s actually good. Since we don’t know what Jesus looked like we get a broader feel for what he might have looked like and for his character. You’ll have no trouble recognizing Jesus whoever is playing him. So let me introduce you to all of the actors who played jesus over the years.

The visual Bible produced the full Gospel of Matthew with Jesus played by Bruce Marchiano. Bruce also played Jesus in “Come Follow Me” , (produced by Boettcher-Trinklein Television).

Selva Rasalingam from the UK plays Jesus in all four gospel movies produced by Lionsgate Productions. With an English mother and Tamil father Selva perhaps looks most closely to what Jesus probably did look like.

Peruvian actor Henry Ian Cusick plays Jesus in “The Gospel of John” produced by Visual Bible International.

Brian Deacon from Oxford England stars as Jesus in the Film called “Jesus” released in 1979.

A TV Mini series called “Jesus” in the late 1990’s featured Jeremy Sisto as Jesus and he was from Northern California.

The Easter Experience produced in 2007 had Jesus played by Shane Sooter.

Diogo Morgado is a Portuguese actor who played Jesus in the History Channel Epic Mini Series called “The Bible”. He also starred as Jesus in the film “Son of God”. These were produced by Lightworks Media.

In “A.D. The Bible Continues”, Jesus is played by Juan Pablo DiPace. He is an actor born in Argentina but has made his home around the world.

In “The Passion of Christ” produced by Mel Gibson, Jesus is played by Jim Caviezel.

And English actor Robert Powell stars as Jesus in the first full feature movie called “Jesus of Nazareth”. (It was produced by ITC Entertainment).

Finally, These 3 video productions were helpful in finding the right pictures for the time: “A.D. The Trials and Triumph of the Early church” Produced by Vincenzo Labella. “The Apocalypse”  and “Paul the Apostle” were two films that were part of the Bible Collection Series.

Other materials that were invaluable for reference were:
The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel- Video Production by Lionsgate
Who Is This Jesus? By Michael Green- Published by Hodder and Stoughton Ltd. in the UK
The Greatest Stories Ever Told – Vol 1 by Greg Laurie-- Published by: Allen David Kerygma
The Real Christ by R.A. Torrey-- Published by Whitaker House in the United States
More Than A Carpenter by Josh McDowell-- Published by Josh McDowell Ministries
Jesus, A Short Life by John Dickson-- Published by Lion Hudson Place and
A Spectator’s Guide to Jesus by John Dickson -- Published by Lion Hudson Place
Holman QuickSource Guide to Understanding Jesus By Jeremy Royal Howard- Published by B & H Publishing Group
The Kingdom of God by Andrew Murray- Reprint from an 1897 publication
Rediscovering the Kingdom and Kingdom Principles- Two books by Dr. Myles Munroe-- Published by Destiny Image Publications

Final thanks to Rev. Ernest O’Neill whose sermons on Jesus and his words continue to be a source of teaching and personal inspiration to all who listen. They can be found on: for your own listening and viewing.


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