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Is There a God?
In these talks we are asking this question on an intellectual level rather than emotional. These talks discuss the premise of God's existence through order, design, and the moral argument.

Is the Bible History or Myth?
Is there historical evidence that validates the books of the Bible? In these talks we'll look at the reliability of the Biblical documents and compare them with other ancient writings.

Is Jesus the Son of God?
Jesus never side-stepped the issue of his identity. He was executed not because of what he taught but of what he claimed. These talks examine his claim that he was the Son of God.

This Bible study course is a continuation of the lead article on this web site. You'll learn that God truly wants us to find Him and He has made everything so that we can and will find Him if we are diligent seekers. We'll talk about some of the qualifications needed to seek for God and then we'll look at which God we are seeking. Finally in the third study we'll look at where God can be found and how to go about seeking Him. Seeking God is the start of a great adventure and we hope that these studies will be the launch in your life of that adventure.

These are four talks given to a large campus audience that will get you thinking about why you are here on earth. You are the only person like you and your Creator has a dream for you.

If you’ve ever wondered who you are and why you are here, you’ve not alone. None of us know the answers to those two questions when we’re born, but over time we want to know! All of us are searching for “something” – we aren’t quite sure what –but for that something to fill the hole within us. The search for truth, meaning, and purpose goes on for all of us whether we’re aware of it or not. And with that search, comes the hope and expectation that we’ll discover……who we are and why we are here!

This Bible study course is a sequel to the course on Identity. It's about the original purpose for your existence and the source of meaning behind your life. We will rediscover God's original idea that has been lost in a cloud of religion. The greatest longing within the human heart is for answers to the meaning and purpose of life. If you destroy man's sense of destiny and purpose he becomes little more than a beast. And that has been what much of man has become over the centuries. We have missed what God originally had in mind when he created all of us. This course will help you rediscover that for yourself.

This course is a sequel to the course MEANING AND PURPOSE. It looks at what it means for us to be part of the Kingdom of God at the same time that we are citizens of some government here on earth. The main message that Jesus preached was "The Kingdom of God" and yet how few of us understand what it really means to be a citizen of God's Kingdom. We start by briefly looking at what a kingdom is, and then what The King is like in his kingdom. You'll learn how you can become a citizen in God's kingdom and also about who won't be citizens. Then we'll talk about all the different aspects of our life in God's Kingdom. It's an exciting new picture of what it is to belong to the family of God, and to be part of developing the universe with our Creator. It will expand your thinking from being religious to taking your position as a true citizen and family member.

This video course takes us through from Christ's birth to beyond his death and seeks to show us just how much Jesus does matter to our lives today! Whether you have been taught about Him all of your life or have never heard of Jesus these videos will give you much to think about and guide you in your decision regarding Him.

In this three part study we will focus on two little words that the New Testament writers pepper throughout their letters. It's those words, "in Christ" or "in Him". They are so important and yet often skipped over in our reading. What does it mean to be "in Christ"? How do we get in? How do we stay there? And most important, how do we live from that position?

In part 1 of this Bible study course we look at the heart of the Christian message. We'll see that the Bible accurately diagnoses man's problem but it also offers a solution. We'll study the plan made in eternity - Christ's death and resurrection. This plan, called the cross or Calvary, is like a doorway that allows us to enter into "real life". We'll start the study one week before Jesus actually dies and walk with Him through His last days.

In part 2 of these studies we'll focus on God's plan of restoration for mankind and how we can appropriate it for our own lives. Part 2 is called "It is finished" and it remains for us to study and to answer for ourselves the question, "What was finished?"

This study is based on the book by Watchman Nee called "Sit, Walk, Stand".  These three words are what the Apostle Paul uses in the Book of Ephesians to describe the walk that every Christian will take. It may surprise you that Christianity does not begin with walking but with sitting down and resting in the work that Christ has finished for us.

Over the course of a year, I set out to find the truth about grace for myself. Although I read some books on it, I mostly searched the scriptures and found that when God showers his grace on your life, things change forever. Let's study together about God's amazing grace. Who qualifies for it and how do we get it?


Is Purity Possible?
Many of us who would call ourselves Christian are troubled by the double lives we lead. Outwardly we appear kind and considerate while inwardly we are full of resentment and bitterness that can break out into sinful behavior of all kinds ---when we least expect it. The talks in this course will show you how you can experience deliverance from this double, unclean life.

What is Faith?
Pastor Ernest O'Neill walks us through the book of Genesis looking at what it means for us to live by faith. Faith is more than just a belief in God. It's belief that is willing to take God at his word and live by all that he promises us. This walk by faith is vital for all of us that desire to walk through life with God. It's only by faith that we can ever please God and be all that He meant us to be.

Prayer is communicating -- listening to God and then talking with Him. It's the heart of any relationship and is meant to be real and honest so that we can know God. This series of talks will be inspirational as you consider your own prayer life.

Love and Marriage
All that we have grown up learning about love and marriage from this world is far from what God had originally planned for it. This series of talks looks at practical questions about who we should marry, how can we know if we are marrying the right person and how we are meant to operate as a partnership. Whether you are single and looking to be married or if you are already married, these talks will get you thinking and talking together about God's purpose for it.

Healing and Sickness
How did sickness and death come to be in our world? Is there a purpose for our sickness? Can God heal us today and will he do that? These are just some of many questions all of us have about this important topic. These audio talks will help us to think through the issue about the health of our body.

Studying the Bible
These are two Bible studies to help you understand why the Bible is relevant for your life today and then how you can begin to study it for yourself.

Superhuman Life- Table of Contents
This was a series of one page articles written for the Christian Corps International Newsletter by Rev. Ernest O'Neill. He takes us from the beginning of the world and leads us step by step to the practicalities in our own lives that we may wonder about. Are we just little mice scurrying around on earth trying to keep alive or were we created for a life beyond this? You can start at the beginning or on any article that sounds interesting to you. Either way your thinking will be challenged.