By Ernest O'Neill

Our Conscience Carries God's Unique Plan For Us

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

There's nobody like you.  There is not another soul like you. There has never been another soul like you. There has never been anyone like you. There will never be anyone like you. There will never in the whole of the world's history, ever be anyone like you. You are one unique creation of the dear Father in heaven and that's what God says.

God says that through Jesus. He says, "Listen, my Father has numbered every hair of your head, every hair of your head is numbered by my Father. My Father knows you in a way that you don't even know yourself. You have never counted the hairs of your head. My Father has counted the hairs of your head. He knows you through and through because he has only made one of you. There is only one of you." Brothers and sisters, you have a unique voyage to sail. You have a unique journey. You have a unique life.

There's a plan for your life that you alone have, that God only has for you. It's true, and none of the rest of us knows it, it doesn't matter how well we know you, none of us know the plan that God has for your life. God had one copy of that plan, just one in the whole of the universe, just one copy and that copy is in your conscience. It's in your conscience, that's it.

God has put the gyro-compass to guide you on that unique journey inside you in your conscience. That's the only guide you have. There isn't another. It doesn't matter about Billy Graham; it doesn't matter about this man or that man. It doesn't matter even about your Dad or Mom. Inside in your conscience God has put a guide for you and he says, "As long as you keep correcting that compass by this dear Book of mine, that compass will guide you firmly and surely." It is an insult to you or anyone to say, "You ought to do this because everybody else is doing it." No, you have a unique journey to travel.