By Colleen Donahue

All of us want to feel that we can rely on our natural families for support. But often for a committed Christian, our families understand us the least! That was certainly so for Jesus. In this short study Jesus makes clear who his true spiritual family is.

Christ's True Spiritual Family

Studies continued from Matthew 12

Day 1- Our families are those who we should be able to lean on for support and encouragement. But quite often this is not the case. This was true of Christ's family. They did not understand his leaving the family business to preach and teach. Why couldn't they support him in this work?
John 7:5

Day 2- What did they suspect was wrong with Jesus? ( Do you ever suspect that your family thinks that about you?)
Mark 3:21

Day 3- Therefore when Christ's mother and brothers were asking to speak to him outside of a crowd situation Jesus used it to make a big point.
Matthew 12: 46-47

Day 4- What question did he ask the crowd?
Matthew 12: 48

Day 5- Then he answered his own question by pointing to his disciples -- those that were his spiritual family.
Matthew 12:49

Day 6- What is essential to membership in God's family?
Matthew 12:50

Day 7- Our flesh and blood families are not always our truest kin. Christ shows us that the reality of love and true kinship is expressed through obedience, of which He set the greatest example.
John 14:31 / John 15:10

Day 8- Not only did Christ's own family not understand him, but his hometown of Nazareth didn't know what to make of him either. What was the hindrance for them to believing in Him?
Matthew 13: 53-56
And so how did they react towards Him?
Matthew 13: 57a

Day 9- How was Jesus hindered in his ministry among his hometown neighbors?
Matthew 13: 57b-58

May we all be part of his true spiritual family so that we do not hinder the Lord's work among us.


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