By Colleen Donahue

In this study the Lord starts by being very abrupt with us when it comes to the topic of judging and criticizing others. His advice? DON'T! If we wonder how we should feel towards our fellow men we have only to look at Christ's own attitude.....

Christ's Compassion and Heart For All of Us
Matthew 7:1-5 / Matthew 9:36-38


JUDGE NOT- Matthew 7:1-5

Day 1- In the first two verses of this passage Jesus promises us two things if we judge someone else.
Matthew 7:1-2

Day 2- Then, he asks us two surprising questions.
Matthew 7:3-4
In the asking of them Jesus lets us know that we have a plank (or log) in our own eye. That means that our sight is blocked from seeing the whole picture.

Day 3- In other words, in our self deception we are completely missing the fact that the sin and self, present in our life, disqualifies us for any judgment or criticism of someone else. Self deception by its nature is something we can't see.
Psalm 36:2 / Galatians 6:3 / 1 John 1:8

But Jesus, knowing all men, is able to see that clearly in our lives.

Day 4- What does Jesus call us if we judge someone else?
Matthew 7:5

We simply do not have the whole story for another person's life. We cannot see their motive or understand their thinking and therefore we have no business judging.
1 Corinthians 4:5

Day 5- It is not our prerogative to judge a person. He/she is not in our ownership. Every man and woman is accountable to God who is our Creator.
Romans 14:4,10,13 / James 4:12

Day 6- If we are people who claim to know God and then we engage in judgment, criticism and gossip, we end up denying God. There WILL BE a day of judgment. But, we are living in the days of grace, where even God does not judge but is continually extending mercy and forgiveness. Therefore if we act the opposite of God then we become detestable, disobedient, and unfit for doing anything good on his behalf.
Titus 1:15-16


If we wonder how we should feel towards our fellow men we have only to look at Christ's own attitude. Instead of judging, he had compassion on them. The Greek word used for compassion is splagchnistheis. It is a pity and compassion that moves a man to the deepest part of his being. Christ was moved with that kind of compassion. WHO did Jesus have compassion towards?

Day 7- Those experiencing this world's pain:
Matthew 14:14

Day 8- The blind:
Matthew 20:34

Day 9- Those gripped by demons:
Mark 9:22-25

Day 10- The world's hunger:
Matthew 15:32

Day 11- The lonely. A leper was probably the most shunned person on earth.
Mark 1:41

Day 12- The sorrow of others:
Luke 7:12-13 / John 11:33-35

Day 13- Jesus saw men hungry to find God but he also saw an orthodox religion that offered no comfort, no guidance, no help, and no strength. Instead, the Jewish leaders bewildered people with their arguments on the law. They bowed men over instead of helping them to stand straight.
Jeremiah 50:6 / Ezekiel 34:2-3

Day 14- What was, is now, and will be in the future, the condition of all mankind?
Matthew 9:36

Day 15- What is a prayer request that will always be honored by God?
Matthew 9:38

Day 16- It is a Christian truth that Jesus Christ needs men. Men won't hear truth unless other men tell them. The harvest for God will not be reaped unless there are reapers. Jesus Christ when alive could only be in one place at one time. But today he finishes his work through all of us that belong to him. No matter what our occupation, what is our first calling and work?
2 Corinthians 5:18-20

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