By Ernest O'Neill

Christ Died For All of Us- That Means You Too!

Rev. Ernest O'Neill

So, many of us because we've lived our lives as best we could, like the rest of them, we've got under all kinds of bondages. Now, loved ones, here's the incredible truth and this is why Paul kept saying, "I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified". The truth is that God our Creator foresaw that. He foresaw that you and I would be like this and He made us twice. I can explain that.

I know that people like Einstein were able to prove scientifically that time is non-existent. It's one great eternal moment that we're involved in here and this time space world is a concession that God has made to us. So there's in some sense in which the Creator was able to foresee everything that would happen to each one of us here. He could foresee the tendency and the trends of our characters and He put us all into His Son Jesus and he remade us and that's the message of those verses that we read.

Christ has died for all, you as well as me. Even if you haven't known it before, the fact is, Christ has died for all. Then there's that great clause that follows, "If Christ died for all, all died". That means you, with all your bondages were crucified with Christ, and if you believe that, and live that way, the force of reality is manifested in your life and you're free. That's the way it works.

If you say to me, "You mean brother, I don't have to get down and start trying to change these things by my own will power?" No, you don't. You have to believe that God has changed it all in His Son and you've to then live under the direction of His Holy Spirit. You've to turn to him and say, "Lord, I know You have put me here for a purpose. I want to find that purpose out. Lord God, will You begin to help me to know what that purpose is and to live it out in the power of your own spirit?" That's it loved ones, that's it.