Are You Celebrating the Victory?

The Rue Montorgueil in Paris, 1878 by Claude Monet

If you stand close up to this painting all you see are blobs of color. But, hold it back a bit and a city street emerges in Paris. Where the street runs through the city are nothing but people - no cars. The huge crowd fills the entire road right up to the buildings which cast a shadow over them.

It's a beautiful, sunny day with only a few cloud puffs floating across the pale blue sky. The city is alive with not only people filling the street but with flags blowing and waving out of almost ever window. It's a happy day, a celebration day, a day of triumph.

The note of victory is being sounded even though most of the crowd had nothing to do with getting that victory. How is it that they are allowed to celebrate without being the ones to achieve it?

This picture should be a reminder that your life is a celebration of victory. Jesus through His death and Resurrection overcame the power of Satan in this world. All the power that once held you in bondage to all kinds of sin has been broken and you are free!

Christ did the work of redeeming without any help from us. But now our job is to celebrate our freedom in Christ. We are to sound the note of victory. If we don't proclaim the victory that Christ has won for the world, then there will be some that will remain in their prisons even though the door has been opened wide. Are you living and celebrating the victory that Christ has won for you?

"For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world., even our faith. " I John 5:4

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