Can't Sleep?

Old and Young by Gari Melcher

We are in the house of a working class man -- sparsely furnished with few windows and little decor. He wears the clothing of a hard working laborer -- complete with knee patch. His hair is gray and his skin ruddy from being outdoors. His little boy matches his father down to the ruddy cheeks.

But things and possessions don't make any difference to the precious moment at hand. Father and son are the focus of this lovely painting. We can guess they have been out playing with the miniature ship that perhaps dad built? No doubt it's been a fun but tiring day and now his son is fast asleep in his arms. He's like a rag doll in his father's lap -- his head and arms flopping forward.

You can be completely relaxed when you trust that someone is holding you. You can sleep deeply when there is no fear of falling. The father's strong right hand supports his son while his eyes watch the rhythmic rise and fall of his breathing.

This is the reward of a great day outdoors together. Gary Melcher (the artist) has caught a precious moment. It's so precious that mom (at the far right) has stopped her work just to watch "her men" at rest. For these minutes everything has stopped. All is quiet and at peace.

The father himself rests like his son but with one difference. He eyes are focused on his son and he doesn't take them off of him. He'll support and hold him until he wakes up ready to play again.

This is a beautiful picture of our Heavenly Father's deep love and care for us as his children. He loves to sail our boat with us just for the great pleasure of having us rest in His arms when we are tired. This picture would look a lot different if the son was squirming and crying and wouldn't sit on his father's lap to rest. But deep trust brings deep rest. Our Heavenly Father has promised to hold us with his right hand. He has promised never to take His eyes off of us. He'll be right with us when we wake up to sail our boat. His greatest pleasure is having us on his lap to rest.

Can't sleep? Let go and settle into God's lap. Let Him hold you with his strong right hand. Let Him support you while you relax. Let Him take care of your boat when you can't be sailing it for ..."He who watches over you will not slumber." Psalm 121:3b

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