Can Good Come From This Pandemic?

By Colleen Donahue


For many of us, perhaps most of us, life is limited and local. We rise daily to mundane tasks, either at home or work and then do it all again the next day and the next. Every once in awhile a small diversion comes along that lifts us from the ordinary and reignites our sense of adventure and longing for a life different from what we have.

Every man and woman born begins with a sense that they were created for a purpose. We were given special talents and skills so life could be developed and made better. We all have dreams, hopes and aspirations of things we'll be and do when we grow up.

But then we do grow up. We make decisions and like a row of dominoes, one decision pushes the next one until we find ourselves in a life far from where we ever wanted to be. Then, like a river's current, life takes on a momentum of its own. It carries us faster and faster to a waterfall drop off. We certainly don't want to fall onto the rocks below. But swimming against the tide takes all our energy and we soon grow tired -- very tired. We finally give up and become resigned that this is how life is. I better just enjoy it while I drift towards the edge. It's inevitable that all of us will drop off and that will be it.


But how can we make sense of the feelings that we were made for greatness -- or at least something special as we live on this earth? Why do we feel that life as we know it was not the way it was supposed to be?

The whole world is now in the midst of this pandemic and most of us have time on our hands. Could it be that our Heavenly Father is calling out to us and saying, "Look my way, I'm over here." As our Creator, He is the one who knows why He made us. If we listen to Him speak in our innermost being during this time some of us may come out with new direction. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to stop and reconsider our lives and how we should be living them. And if even some of us do that then there could be much good from this time.