Can God Land on Your Wall?

De Hond Met De Vlieg by Joseph Stevens

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10a

All the tools in this workroom lie still for now. Because all the motion has stopped, a fly has been able to land on the wall. Earlier, when the broom was sweeping and the sponge washing and the hand brush scrubbing, there was too much activity for the fly to land. But now, all is quiet and the spot were he lands is bathed in light. He is the only thing now sitting on the wall and therefore easily spotted-- even by this dog with eyes covered by hair!

He has frozen himself close to the fly and stands watching. Because he is close, he can watch and see the fly clearly. Any movement will send the fly flying. His ears are perked to hear and his feet ready to go.

If God could be represented by this fly, would He be able to land on your wall? Does your work ever stop so that He can be present? If He is there, are you able to stop and be still before Him? If He speaks, are you close enough to hear Him? Are you ready to move when He directs?

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