By Ernest O'Neill

The Best We Can Do For Each Other

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

After man has done everything, he needs to step aside. I am glad this morning we're able to have the lectern to the side because all we men and women can do for each other is point each other to God, point each other to Jesus. That's what we need to get a good hold of. We're so big on ourselves and we're so aware of each other and so realistic from a human angle with each other that we can end up with a closed universe.

We can end up with a great sensitivity group here in this universe, all trying to help each other. And really we can't help each other at all. All we can do is point and say, "There's One here who can help us." It's very important as intelligent men and women that we realize that and that we don't get over-impressed with our own brilliance and over-impressed with our own ability to explain things to each other. Because after all our explanations are over, we just have a lot of explanations. We need to be able to go to someone who can give us what we need.