By Ernest O'Neill

What Would Be Our Attitude to Abortion?

Rev. Ernest O'Neill

It seems loved ones, that many of us in Jesus would differ very, very strongly on abortion, but among some of the views that some of us would have is abortion may be acceptable if there is danger to the woman’s life.  Abortion may be acceptable if there is danger of deformity in the child, though even then I think some of us would see even that as possibly something God could use in our lives.  And then presumably, some of us would see that abortion is reasonable in the case of rape and though even then, many of us would believe that God can use even difficult circumstances to draw us closer to himself.

And I think some of us, though I would question where we stand on this, but some of us might see abortion as a possibility for unwanted pregnancy but that seems something that we would all be very hesitant about.  But I think brother that might be attitudes that all of us would feel, or different ones of us would feel we could justify even as people in Jesus.  Brothers and sisters, I know many of you wouldn’t and I know many of us wouldn’t and I understand that, but I’m trying to share all the different views that could possibly be defended in Jesus.  I think there are many other things that I’m not mentioning that I presume can’t be defended at all.