Are You Faithful?

La Charrette Route Sous La Neige A Honfleur by Claude Monet

It is a cold, overcast winter's day. Everything is covered with snow and there is a thick, heavy sky. A horse and cart plow along the snow covered road. There is no sign of green, no sign of blue -- the colors of hope and encouragement and life. The two on the cart just keep it going straight even though the road is covered with snow. They sit close as the horse plods along ever so slowly. No one else is on the road with them. No one is outside to greet them or smile. There is no sun to dry up the damp and the cold. The distance seems far off and what's at the end? Will they get there before dark? Will it have been worth the trip? Will there be anything to cheer their way? Will there by any excitement?

Does this seem like the road you're on? Are your days cold and bleak? Are you just trying to keep going straight when the road seems obscure? Do you feel you're moving so slow that you'll never get there?

I think this is a beautiful picture of faithfulness. God's faithful servants keep going straight on whether they see the road or not. They keep going even when there is no one around to cheer them on. They keep going even when there are no blue skies. They keep going even when it's not exciting.

Are you one of God's faithful servants? Can you keep going through the bleak, cold winter? If you are faithful to the task God has given you, then God will be faithful to you. He will never forsake you and will be careful to guard your life. And best yet will be the words at your destination: "Well done good and faithful servant."

"To the faithful, you show yourself faithful." 2 Samuel 22:26

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