Are You a Nightlight For Others?

Church at Dusk 1862 by Louis Remy Mignot

It's the color of this painting that draws you into the picture. The day is drawing to a close with a beautiful sunset. The land is half frozen and half thawed with only a few trees and scrub brush to break the landscape. But nestled off in the distance is a country church. The darkness is covering over it but there is light peeking through four windows. It's not very bright but your eye is drawn to it -- yes, even before it's totally dark.

If you were lost and walking in this picture you would be heading for this church. You would be walking towards the light to get to shelter, warmth and fellowship after a cold, damp walk.

We who know God are like this little country church. We may be located in an obscure place but if we let our light shine we will help others to find their way. God says we are the light for this dark and cold world. We might not be very big or strong but even a nightlight helps to keep someone from stubbing their toe. Let the light of God's Spirit shine through you wherever you live and work. God himself will draw the weary travelers to you.

"You are the light of the world.... put your light on a stand and let it shine for all." Matthew 5:14a,15b

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