By Ernest O'Neill

Agape Love is the Only Way That Two Can Become One

Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Yes.  It’s the only way two can become one brother, because two can only become one if there’s a readiness to die to what you want, and what you want to be and do and be prepared to become what God wants you to be.  Yeah.  And the beauty of a marriage which, loved ones you husbands and wives, we’ve made of a mess of it you know, because we don’t see it in all its beauty.  It’s a new creation.  It’s a new creation but you know how stiffed neck we are, we don’t want to lose what we are and we don’t see what God wants to create is a new creation that two shall become one.  That means there’s a new person who comes about you know.  But we spoil it because we won’t let her touch what we are, or we won’t let him touch what we are.  And we’ve missed it you know.