By Ernest O'Neill

Acting By Conscience Strengthens Our Faith

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Every time you respond to your conscience, you will find your life with God brightening. Every time you move with your conscience against particularly everybody else, God will brighten his presence in your heart and your life. Because when you live by your conscience, you are declaring against everybody else's words, you are declaring, "I believe that God exists. I believe that he is my Father. I believe that he has outlined a plan for my life and that he will guide me along it."

Every time you act according to your conscience, you're exercising faith. Every time you ignore your conscience or reject it, you're saying, "I don't believe there is a God who knows me and who has a plan for my life and has certain things that I should do and don't do. I don't believe that. I believe that your opinion is as good as anybody else's as to what I should do. I believe that I am out here on a trackless wasteland trying to find my own way. And I'll pick a little information from here and a little from this book and a little from that idea and a little from that convention and I'll kind of make my own way." It's utter lack of faith. That's what sin is.

Sin is absolute lack of faith. Sin is independence of God. It is believing that God is not in existence and is not planning your life.