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How Do We Begin to Seek For God

God has given us three ways to seek for him and find Him.

Does Jesus Matter?

Who is Jesus Christ and does it matter that we believe in him? These videos explore his life as it relates to our own.

Why Believe the Bible?

After looking at what the Bible actually is, these videos ask three main questions: Is the Bible true? Is it trustworthy? And is the Bible timeless?

Videos for Personal Growth

Short videos dealing with questions asked in every generation by all ages.  

The Daily Discipline Bible Studies

Studying the Bible for yourself is one of the most important things we can do to seek for God because these books contain God's word and revelation to us.

Bible Studies by Topic

   This arrangement of the Daily Discipline Bible Studies will help you to focus in on the topic of most concern to you.


Courses & Seminars

These Bible studies and seminars will take you on an in-depth look at some of life's most important topics.

Truth in Color

Every person in looking at a painting has the ability to see something of truth or beauty or reality. As we look at these paintings we will see something of God who is truth.