Jesus Christ- His person & Work

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DD4-Portraits of Jesus
A look throughout the Bible of the character, roles and mission of Jesus

DD99- Jesus the Son of Man as revealed in the book of Ezekiel
In the life of Ezekiel we find many parallels to the life of Christ. Already, hundreds of years before God would send His Son to earth, He was preparing the way for Him by giving clues to the people of who they should be looking for. May this study help us to find Jesus for ourself.

DD110-The Son of God was Predicted!
The coming of the Son of God (Jesus Christ) to earth was foretold in great detail. From His unusual birth to His violent death, the prophets, inspired by God had predicted centuries ahead of time the events and details of Christ's life. Now, on this side of Christ's death, we are able to look back and see that all that was predicted came true. For each prophecy that you'll read in this study from the Old Testament you will read of its fulfillment in the New Testament.

DD111-Jesus and His Arrival Upon Earth
Although the Jews had been waiting expectantly for a Messiah, when He came to them they didn't recognize Him. He just didn't fit any of there "rules" for being the Messiah! We do not want to miss Jesus Christ in our own lives and so we need to answer the questions: How did Christ come and from where? Is He someone that I need to know today?

DD112-Jesus- His Purpose For Coming
We can all look into history and name men and women, famous or not, who seemed to be born for one specific purpose. For these individuals there seemed to be no alternative. They had to do the one "thing" that was inside of them. Jesus Christ was just such a man. This study will help you to see the purpose for His coming to our earth.

DD116- The Humility of Christ
There is one characteristic of Jesus Christ that pervaded his life. It was not the quality that former great leaders had and not usually the one that our present leaders display. But this quality is the key to understanding Jesus Christ and what He taught. Without this one character trait in our own life we will never come to really know God! Therefore this study on Jesus will be a very important one.

DD117-Why Should We Listen To Jesus Christ?
In upcoming studies we want to look at what Jesus taught and see how it applies to our own lives. But, before we can start looking at His teachings, I believe we have to answer this question…… Why Should We Listen To Him?

DD120- What We Learn From What Christ Did
Much of what we learn growing up is "caught and not taught". In this study we are going to criss-cross the gospel stories and look at what Jesus taught through the various incidents that He became involved in.

DD121 - What we Learn From What Christ Did - Part 2
In this study let's look at what Christ actually did for each person in need and how Jesus responded to those that approached Him for help.

DD122 - What We Learn From What Christ Did and the Responses of Those Involved -- Part 3
I n the third study of this series we want to read some of the same passages again but this time let's notice the response of the healed person or the other people that were around. This is important because whatever Jesus said or did man was always divided in their response to him. If the Son of God received such reaction to truth and good works can we as his servants expect any less?

DD129-Christ's Compassion and Heart For Men ( Matthew 7:1-5 / Matthew 9:36-38 )
In this study the Lord starts by being very abrupt with us when it comes to the topic of judging and criticizing others. His advice? DON'T! If we wonder how we should feel towards our fellow men we have only to look at Christ's own attitude.

DD139- No Neutrality - Matthew 12: 30 / Matthew 12: 38-42
The world divided into two parts with the coming of Jesus Christ, the son of God. In the person of Jesus we are confronted with God and every man must decide for himself what to do with Christ. We are either for Him or against Him but there is no neutrality!

DD144- Jesus is There When We Need Him - Matthew 14: 22-33
This study is for any of us in extreme circumstances that feel we are sinking fast. We have a sweet reminder in these verses that God is committed to sustaining us throughout our life.

DD149-Jesus--Man's Last Hope - Matthew 16:1-4
It is in Jesus that we see God. If we don't see God in Christ then we will never see him. Jesus Christ is God's last word to men.

DD148 -Warnings From Jesus Concerning False Teaching - Matthew 15:29-39
What did Jesus mean when He cautioned us to be on our guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees? In these verses we'll study the warnings Jesus gave concerning false teaching.

DD149-Jesus--Man's Last Hope - Matthew 16:1-4
It is in Jesus that we see God. If we don't see God in Christ then we will never see him. Jesus Christ is God's last word to men.

DD150- Jesus, Is He Your Personal Discovery? - Matthew 16: 13-23
The end was very near now for Jesus and he was confronting a problem. Was there anyone who recognized him for who he really was? If there was, then his work could safely move on. If not, Christianity would die with him. This study is much more than Jesus dealing with his twelve disciples. It extends right down to us today.

DD151- The First Requirement to be a Disciple of Jesus - Matthew 16:24
Jesus opens the invitation to be his disciples to anyone. He says, "If anyone would come after me....." This "anyone" includes you and I. But -- Jesus lays out three qualifications that must be met first. This study will deal with the first requirement.

DD152- The Second Requirement to be a Disciple of Jesus - Matthew 16:24
We've been looking at the Lord's requirements for being his disciple. The first requirement we looked at was what it means to deny our "self". Our "self" refers to what Romans 6:6 refers to as our "old self". This first requirement is the foundation to the second one which we'll look at in this study.

DD153- The Third Requirement to be a Disciple of Jesus - Matthew 16:24
We have just studied that the first requirement to be the Lord's disciple is to deny the "self" life. The second requirement deals with us taking up our cross daily. Now we come to the third requirement to be Christ's disciple.

DD154 - The Transfiguration - A Spiritual Mountain Top Experience - Matthew 17:1-13
In this study we come to an event called the Transfiguration of Jesus. It was what I call a "mountain top experience" for Jesus, Peter, James and John. It was a time of revelation. God gives those times to each one of us but they are not meant to last. They are meant to strength us for the next step. Let's study together the revelation that God gave at this time and what it also means for us.