Holy Spirit

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DD19-The Holy Spirit - Part 1
A look at who the Holy Spirit is.

DD20-The Holy Spirit - Part 2
A look at the roles of the Holy Spirit and how they relate to us personally.

DD98- The Holy Spirit as revealed in the book of Ezekiel
Despite the fact that Jesus and the Holy Spirit had not been revealed to all men at the time of Ezekiel, God does give us a definite preview of the life to come through the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. God wants to live in each believer and He does so through His Holy Spirit. Therefore we aren't studying dry theory but the living God in our lives.

MPGC10-The Last Supper and Christ's Comfort to His Disciples and Us
Jesus knew that his dear disciples were frightened and grief stricken with what He had just told them. But now he tells them some of the best news that they could ever hear. This news is not for them only but for us today as well.