Waiting For the Promise
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Waiting For the Promise

In a final meeting Jesus had given his little band of disciples their marching orders but they weren't to even start until they received what Jesus had promised them.

Waiting For the Promise

In a final meeting, Jesus had given his little band of followers their marching orders --- They were to go into all the world and tell anyone who would listen about Him and what He had done for every man and woman to restore them to God’s original plan for their lives.

BUT --- they were not to start until He had sent them His own Spirit to indwell their human spirit. Jesus reminded them that John the Baptist had baptized them with water for the forgiveness of their sins. This had been done in preparation for Him to baptize them now with his own Holy Spirit. This was the way God had originally planned for man to operate – in partnership with God. It was the only way that these ordinary disciples would have the courage and the wisdom and the words to carry out their mission.

Jesus promised them that when He had sent them His Spirit that they would be filled with the power they would need to be his witnesses and do his work. And so these early men and women watched and waited – devoting themselves to prayer. They weren’t sure what would happen, but they were certain that their risen Lord would keep His promise. When the promise came, it came suddenly.

Based on Peter’s eye-witness account Luke described it like this --- < VIDEO CLIP – Coming of the Holy Spirit in ACTS 2:1-4>.
And so began the start of a whole new era.  

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