A Special Meeting --With Thomas
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A Special Meeting With Thomas

Thomas had missed Jesus appearing to the other disciples and despite their testimony to the fact, he refused to believe. Jesus kindly met his doubt.

A Special Meeting -- With Thomas

It was a Sunday night when the group of fearful, emotionally drained disciples had gathered together behind closed doors. Everyone but Thomas was there from their close knit group. Suddenly Jesus was in their midst. There had been no knock at the door. He was just there. Without delay Jesus showed them the holes in his hands, his feet and his sides. Then, to break their frozen expressions of shock he asked them for something to eat! Jesus appeared as alive as ever. God had raised him from the dead just as Jesus said he would. They didn’t understand it all, but they could see with their eyes that Jesus was back--- and eating!!

Jesus next commissioned his disciples for the work ahead. It was now on their shoulders to go and tell the whole world about him and what he had done.
He had died for our sins against other men and God.He had set us right with God and by our choice we could now walk in peace with Him. Then he breathed his Spirit on them so that they would have his presence and power to accomplish their task. Their fear and sadness turned to joy --- and then --- Jesus was gone.

When the disciples met Thomas the next day they were brimming over with the good news that Jesus was alivec!But to their surprise Thomas defiantly told them that he wouldn’t believe it unless he had the opportunity to actually see for himself Christ’s wounds and put his fingers into his side.

Had Thomas missed that important first meeting with Jesus because he was already hiving off from the group? Maybe in his mind things were over and it was time to move on. We do miss a lot when we neglect to meet with others for learning, prayer and worship. Ever since this time Thomas has been labeled the “doubter”. But maybe “skeptical” was more of what Thomas was. After all he really wasn’t asking for anything more than what the others had already seen.

Eight days later all of them got together again ---- this time Thomas was with them. And guess who showed up?  Let’s listen in on their meeting.
<VIDEO clip—Gospel of John 20:26-27>

Thomas didn’t need any more than that. Jesus had come in a way that answered his questions and revealed all that he needed to know. His response? “My Lord and my God!”

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