Why Did Jesus Die? Understanding His Mission - The Fall
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What Did Jesus Die? Understanding His Mission- The Fall

The Fall of Man was the most catastrophic event in the universe. It was pure tragedy but it set the plan of redemption in motion which brought Jesus to our earth.

Why Did Jesus Die? Understanding His Mission - The Fall

Every one of us was put here on earth to fulfill a purpose for which we were created. And when it comes to Jesus, we could say that He was born to die.
I know that’s pretty startling but let’s step back and try to understand the reason for his coming.

God created the first humans, Adam and Eve, in his own image and likeness. This meant that man was given a spirit so he could relate to God --- It’s the deepest part of us. Man was given a soul --- which is his mind, will, and emotions --- with these he could relate to other men as well as himself. And finally, he was given a body which housed his soul and his spirit.

Unlike any of the other created things -- like animals and plants, -- man’s spirit became the home of God’s Spirit. It’s truly remarkable that God would even think of aligning himself with us in that way but he did. And so, with God’s spirit indwelling man’s we had a direct link with Almighty God. God created us with a spirit because it was always his plan that we would walk together in a partnership with Him-- filling the earth and subduing it -- together.

But God didn’t want us to be like robots who had to love him. So he gave Adam and Eve free-will. They could choose to walk with him in love and obedience – or not. At the time that God created man and the earth, evil was already in the universe – it happened through the rebellion of some of the angels. They were created to serve God but some decided they wanted God’s job instead. Scripture tells us that one of the highest ranking angels was the chief rebel and was called Satan. He became a liar and master deceiver.

Satan deceived Eve first by challenging her about the directive God had given to her and Adam. He said to her, “Did God really say that?”  She took the bait and did the one thing that God had told her not to do – to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam followed her lead and in doing so they made a decision to live by their own limited knowledge rather than by God’s unlimited wisdom. Instead of ruling the earth, man became the ones ruled – by the whims of others, our circumstances and nature itself. We have become subject to Satan’s control even without realizing it.

When Adam and Eve sinned they also became unholy vessels no longer fit to house God’s Spirit. And so, God’s Spirit departed and our link with God was severed. Man was left helpless to return to the original plan that God had for us --- which was to fill the earth, and subdue it in partnership with himself.
But we are no surprise to God. He knew what A & E would choose before they did. And so, because of the great love He has for men and women,  God had a plan in place – a plan to restore us to the way He originally created us. He would fulfill his plan by coming down to earth himself in the form of His Son -- Jesus.

The Fall of Man was the most catastrophic event in the universe. It was pure tragedy---but it set the plan of redemption into motion which brought Jesus to our earth – the most important event in human history.  

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