What Did Jesus Teach? God Is Our Father
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What Did Jesus Teach? God is Our Father

Jesus brought to the world of his time a completely different view of God. He was not some stern, distant old man watching our every move. He was like a kindly father wanting the best for us.

What Did Jesus Teach? God Is Our Father

If the Kingdom of God was the main theme of Christ’s teaching, then the fact that God is our Father is a close second. What’s your view of God?
-Is he someone writing down everything that you do wrong?
-Is he someone who doesn’t want to see you having fun?
- Is he harsh and mean when you don’t act right?
-Is he a God who is too distant to bother with your little life?

The Jews at the time of Jesus felt some of these same things that we feel. God was important to them for sure -- but he was distant…….. only approachable with the morning or evening sacrifices at the temple. He was their judge and his standard was perfection.

Jesus brought us an entirely new picture of God. He called God “Abba” which is like our word for daddy or papa. It was an intimate word that a Hebrew child used for his father. Calling God “Abba” had never been used by the Jewish people – EVER!

Jesus not only called God “Abba” but he told us that sinners -- just like you and I -- could come into his family and call God “Abba” as well! Jesus is telling us that at the center of the Kingdom of God is a loving father.  This daddy extends his mercy to us -- even though we don’t deserve it.
He promises to adopt us into His family -- even though we might be a disgrace to it. God even has an inheritance set aside for us! He wants us. He loves when we come to him and talk over even the smallest detail of our lives. He wants a close relationship with us.

This will surprise you but Jesus didn’t come to found a new religion. He came to show us God the Father as the one who wants to enfold us in his arms and welcome us home.


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