What Was Jesus Like? His Authority
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What Was Jesus Like? His Authority

Jesus was unlike anyone that the world had ever seen. He not only knew who HE was but he knew who God was.

What Was Jesus Like? His Authority

Jesus was unlike anyone the world had ever seen. That’s because Jesus knew God but he also knew who HE was, and that made his teaching authoritative. The gospel writer Mark says that the people, “….were astonished at his teaching, for he taught them as one who had authority and not as the scribes.”

The Jewish clergy constantly quoted what others had to say. Not Jesus. Except for quoting the prophets, He never quoted the opinions of others.  Instead he would say, “Truly, truly I say to you….”  Jesus didn’t speculate what God was like because he KNEW what God was like and the people recognized it.

Jesus Christ’s words and actions showed power, but it was the authority behind those words and actions that captured the crowds.

Video Clip – Jesus healing the paralytic

Who was this young carpenter that could go into the temple, upturn all the crooked market vendors, and send them all packing? Who was this man that could tell a man with a withered hand to stretch it out and it would be restored? Who was this Jesus who could drive out the dark forces that were ruining people with epileptic fits and knife gashing rituals and then put them right again? Who was this guy that could feed a crowd of 5,000 with just a few loaves and fishes and still have left overs?

How could Jesus face authorities -- who thought they had the power of life and death over him -- and say calmly, “You would have NO power unless it was allowed by my Father in Heaven!” Only a man with incredible power and authority could say and do these things!

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